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Temitope Balogun

Am an education consultant and seeking different ways to make learning fun,engaging and impactful.am glad to be on board and hope to develop more skills as I also will like to help contribute to this platform
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Liz Moorehead
Ahh, thanks for the plug, Connor DeLaney !

I would also say this talk I gave on how to build trust, be likable, and feel confident on camera is one where I went full on with my personality and our audience seemed to really like it.
Connor DeLaney
Hey there  Temitope Balogun ! Happy to have you here :) I'd say you are in the right place! Definitely explore our course content and event recordings as you get started, I think you'll find some good personality mixed with educational content that could be great inspiration.

One that comes to mind is this course by Liz Moorehead on Building a Revenue Team that has a bit of fun spice to it. 

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