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Lex Russell

Why do content marketers constantly feel cold? They’re surrounded by drafts.

I've always used dark mode in all my apps, email, google sheets etc. and it has rarely been an issue (although, I do use outlook's switch to turn on light mode in emails often). 

But, I know Google Chrome has been rolling out dark mode for their browser to users (my fiance had it before me so I thought it might be user testing) and now with my update this morning, all the websites I visit are in dark mode and I honestly prefer it this way.

So my questions are:

I'm curious to know how many people use dark mode on their computer. Most of my friends do so I assumed it was a pretty widely adopted thing...but I'm the only person on my team at work that uses it as far as I know.

Do you think this will affect website design? I looked around on our website and everything looked fine...but definitely not as pretty and there were some awkward white spaces from things we had designed with a white background in mind.

Curious to hear everyone's thoughts/opinions!

Edit: Now that I'm reading more about the rollout it appears I may be late to the party...still curious about it though!

Edit 2: Apparently, the update just somehow triggered the "Force Dark Mode" chrome flag to be enabled for some reason...not sure if it will affect other people.

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Dale Pease
Website design has always been about designing for a moving target. When I made the jump from print design to web, it took quite a while before I fully understood that I couldn't predict exactly how the page would look on a person's screen (back then at least I only had to deal with computer monitors.) Now, we have to design for phones, tablets, and monitors. Dark mode is just another thing your designers and programmers need to keep in mind and test for.
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Connor DeLaney
Joe Rinaldi  I remember you wrote an article specifically about Dark mode and it's influence on web design, right? Would love to hear your thoughts here! 

For me, I use Dark mode in almost everything except for Chrome, however, I do need to try it. I can't say I was avoiding it. Love this question!!
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