Forget the Frameworks

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Jake Jordan

I help leaders draw straight lines to success. #TAYACoach

Just stop the framework that you have been using.
It’s not doing you any good.
Know why?
Because you are forgetting why you started using the framework to begin with. Seriously. I saw it this week with two different clients. They had an amazing framework (TAYA - assignment selling)
But they weren’t using it right. So they aren’t getting results.
Know what I’m talking about?
Here is an example. Ever seen people at the gyn that are working on a “new framework” to get those gains?
They WANT to improve but they just aren’t thinking about the point of the exercise. That’s what we are doing when we don’t think about the purpose of our work - 
Each. And. Every. Time.
Here’s a more TAYA-friendly version. Let's say you need to send over an email to follow up on a sales interaction you had.

You can either plug in an email template and hit send


You can look at the template and ask yourself what you want to achieve in each step of the email. Then write copy that answers the goal for your specific client.

We all get lazy, in a hurry, or impatient.

It happens! But don't let that ruin the beautiful gift you've been given in a proven framework. Take the time to use it right and you will get 5X the return.

What framework do you need to spend more time thinking about?

Tell me in the comments!
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