Don't get a lot of blog post views? Don't worry, views are not revenue!

Posted November 3, 2021 in
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Nathan Dube

Blessed be.

Just a quick item of consideration for people just getting started or those who are only in the first or second year of TAYA content protocols.

It took us 5 years to kick off the bonfire of revenue we are currently bringing in with a "spark" that was one blog post that started bringing real money around the three-year mark.

But, one of the most interesting things I have noticed about the posts that make us the biggest money is that the blogs we have created that generate big revenue, have some of the lowest clicks/views.

The majority of our most popular and most-read content is not the content that drives major deals.

Furthermore, the blog posts that are bringing in the big bucks, are very specific and usually ultra-focused on specialized products or services that only a handful of people may be looking for.

But, that is OK! Because clicks/views are not revenue! Don't shy away from producing content that is hyper-focused on a small but important aspect/niche of your customer's business. 

Mix that content in with broader topics for both assignment selling and because, while you may only get 10 clicks in a year on that content, a future client may need that exact piece of content in order to convert!

Just thought I'd share this as I found it to be an interesting byproduct of the TAYA process.

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Connor DeLaney
This feels like a great post for getting Execs and leadership to buy in on They Ask, You Answer content. So often the vanity metrics of "Traffic" or "page views" clouds the judgment of people in those seats when it comes to content creation, rather than focusing on the content that's focused but driving sales. Great stuff  Nathan Dube !
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