Did you attend the Virtual Selling Summit?

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Hey all and Happy Monday!

Did you attend the Virtual Selling Summit last week? What were your biggest takeaways and what have you begun implementing since?

Also, feel free to share any questions you didn't get answered during sessions here :)

If you missed the virtual event, you can access the recordings here.
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Liz Moorehead
OK, I know this is cheating because technically I was one of the speakers on creating content (check it out), but I also attended a bunch of the sessions, and I had a couple major takeaways:

  1. From Marcus and  Zach Basner 's session, how important it is to make someone feel as if you're just having a conversation with them over video. The moment they feel you're too scripted or too manufactured is the moment you fail to build that necessary trust. I keep trying to get better at this, because it's a greater sin not to do video at all, but now that I've bought into that... I just want to be really good at making people feel comfortable when watching me on camera and buying into what I'm saying. (watch the recording)
  2. From  Will Schultz 's talk - honestly, it's always good to get a refresher on WHY The Selling 7 videos are so powerful, specifically from the sales perspective. I'm on the marketing team myself, and just hearing the words in sales-centric terms (not something that happens often when it comes to digital strategy-building) is super helpful for me. I encourage everyone to watch his talk - especially if you're a marketer - to understand (a) why these videos are so powerful, and (b) why they matter to sales, on their terms, based on their goals. (watch the recording)

Finally, it was so great to "see" so many familiar faces hanging out in the Q&As for each session like  Cody Turner Adam Stahl , and  Chazz Hirschfeld  -- would LOVE to hear what y'all took away from VSS2020. <3 
Zach Basner
Really stoked to see so many takeaways from the attendees about embracing video within the sales process.  Will Schultz  had one of the most in-depth explanations of The Selling Seven we've done yet.

I think it's valuable for attendees to witness just how many organizations are still yet to adapt to this way of thinking, and that's just a sample size of VSS attendees. Video is still a differentiator. But it won't stay that way for long.
Chazz Hirschfeld
The IMPACT Team just keeps getting better and better at these virtual sessions and it's amazing to be able to obtain so much valuable information while engaging with some of the presenters during the taped sessions. It's also very enjoyable to watch the live sessions--which like live music--seem to have a unique energy. My takeaways--WAY too many to mention--I would bore you!!! I found something valuable in every single session! I do agree with Liz and Zach about how engaging and easy-to-listen-to (and understand) Will is. And Liz was SO popular among many of the attendees--I saw several remarks that she was their favorite, as she is also very personable. I probably attended more of Chris' sessions than anyone else's this time--all super fantastic! He put on some great "shows." His back-and-forth with Marcus was totally a highlight of the day and I'd love to see your entire crew engage in more of this style of teaching---showing us by example. But please know, EVERYONE did a great job, as always!!
Chris Duprey
Thanks so much, Chazz. So glad to hear you found VSS valuable (and that you enjoyed my sessions). Would love to hear your thoughts on our courses. So glad you're part of our community!
Adam Stahl
Oh dear, I'm rather late on this one. Looks like I need to get my notifications setup properly again.

  • My biggest takeaway, and this is cheating a little because I then had a VPG and consulting session about it, is  Liz Moorehead 's Content Compass tool. I think it can be incredibly powerful to help SMEs organize their thoughts on content creation without becoming bogged down in some best practice considerations (though still accounting for them with the Compass). I'm actually doing my first guided Content Compass session with an SME this morning! 

  • Another one is that I want to prioritize  Chris Duprey 's communication courses as the next ones I take on. I attended Chris's first session and it occurred to me that improving my communication skills would have broader benefits than just in my work life. It seems like a small thing but the tip about writing down the names in order of everyone at a table when you are on a large video call was an "ah-ha!" moment for me. 

  • Viveka von Rosen's LinkedIn session was helpful as well. I have been prioritizing LinkedIn as a social network over the past several months and many of Viveka's tips were action items for some quick wins and insights.

  • More generally: this is the second IMPACT virtual event I've attended and I'm finding that I really enjoy them. I feel like they're far more interactive than the typical conference/summit during sessions and that adds a unique, enjoyable experience.
Chris Duprey
Adam Stahl - so glad you're going to prioritize the communication course. It's very similar to the workshop I gave your sales team last year. Let me know what you think about the course and how it is impacting your data to day with your team.
Liz Moorehead
Adam Stahl  How'd the Content Compass exercise go??
Adam Stahl
Liz Moorehead I thought it went pretty well and I got value from it. We started the call with just the premise that the subject matter expert wanted to talk about X topic. By the end of it we had a pretty full compass including the specific questions and misconceptions the SME wanted to cover on behalf of the "Who" and the checkpoints they needed to hit to get this piece of content where we want it to be.

I really enjoyed the point of defining the "Who" quadrant first. It added depth and context to the questions posed and allowed us to do the exercise where we were having this "conversation" with that persona and capturing their "responses" in their own words. That led to the most pleasant surprise of the Compass exercise because there was some statements and questions in that completed Compass that I never would have asked or phrased in that way.

After sharing the process and outcome with my manager, we decided to continue using a guided Compass discussion for more SME content discussions and I have my next one this Friday! 

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