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Larry Kagan

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When launching a new YouTube channel is our primary objective to get subscribers? How many subscribers do we need in order to be able to earn the added functionality to push viewers to our company website?

Should we also have CTA‘s for likes and alerts? Or should we just focus on adding subscribers initially?

Also, what best practices do you suggest for CTA’s for us to maximize getting subscribers to our YouTube channel? Any specific techniques, tricks or tips you can suggest? I’m all ears.
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Devon McCarty
Hey Larry! 

  - Primary goal of a YouTube Channel is to build a community. Let your channel be a place where your target audience can come to learn and grow in their respective areas. 

 - To your main question, you have to become a "YouTube Partner" in order to push people to your website with CTA's and End Screen elements. You can always drop a link in the description of your video but that's not as powerful as an on-screen link that goes directly to a contact us or landing page. Plus, those are the actions that are trackable. To achieve that status, you have to have a linked AdSense account, have more than 4,000 public watch hours in the past 12 months, have more than 1,000 subscribers, and follow YouTube monetization policies.

 - No matter what you do, there should be a point in the video where you encourage them to like the video and subscribe to the channel. But you've got to earn that. Do it too early and it's an attention grab. Do it too late and you've lost them. 

- Be very specific with who your audience is, what they're hoping to learn from you, and then make sure you're providing those relevant, unbiased, and very interesting pieces of visual storytelling to get them the stuff that they need.

- Final note: Your channel should not be called "The (Your Company) YouTube Channel!" That makes the channel about you. You've got to make it about the audience you're wanting to grow. 

Larry Kagan
Devon - thank you. Your comment was a huge help.
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Mark Reynolds
Thanks for you input there Devon, great advice. On the Youtube Channel naming, that's interesting. So still have your brand in the channel name, but more about what your audience is looking for? Would be interesting to see examples?  I see IMPACT's is "They Ask, You Answer taught by IMPACT" so a good example I'm guessing?
Devon McCarty
Hey Mark!

Here are a couple of other examples in line with my conversation with Larry above:  
 - The Lifting & Rigging Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzG1YYEUAw8hZKBr2CrCwVw
- The Metal Roofing Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfsI1wHweRQobI3iQCVzQQg

"Taught by" and "Presented by" are a few ways to include your brand, which is why our marketing team took that approach with it. 

Ultimately, when they hit your channel, they should know exactly what they'll be learning should they become a subscriber. 
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