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We've been struggling to measure the performance of all the great content we're developing. I have 2 questions:

1. I'm curious to hear what others are currently tracking and measuring!
2. We're using HubSpot, and we have content in our blog (in both English and French), as well as longer form content built in web pages and landing pages (case studies, ultimate guides). This may be a rookie question, but does anyone know how we can build reporting across the blog + web pages + landing pages to identify the best performing pieces? I know there's reporting available for the top performing blog articles, but we want to capture metrics from our landing pages and web pages too. Any guidance would be appreciated and would surely save me lots of manual data crunching! 
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Annee Sian
Hi Sally,

You're lucky you have Hubspot, especially with the need to prove real business impact. 

In terms of what content metrics to measure, at a high Ievel, I focus on understanding how much revenue individual pieces have generated. I'm still feeling my way around attribution reporting but certainly this feature is going to answer those questions. At a more granular level, especially is SEO and CRO are part of your strategy, you'll want to measure things like organic traffic, bounce rates, conversions and SERP rankings. 

To help with your second question, I think what you could try is to leverage Hubspot's analytical views feature. Here, you can set up different views (or content clusters) e.g. sales pages or a specific subset of landing pages which you can then select when viewing website analytics. You can also set up this sort of thing as segments in Google Analytics.

Hope this helps.


Sally Habashy
Thanks a lot! I'll do more digging with the different views.
Connor DeLaney
Hey Sally Habashy ! Carina Duffy has put out a couple of courses and lessons on this topic that may be able to help!

HubSpot Campaigns and Campaign Analytics
Fundamentals of ROI Reporting

Jessica Palmeri  I know you mentioned a really cool tracking report you put together with the HubSquad recently too! 
Sally Habashy
Thanks  Connor DeLaney , I'll check those out! I should have also mentioned that we use Salesforce as our CRM. So we do run into reporting challenges for contacts who haven't converted on our site. 
Jessica Palmeri
Hello Sally Habashy ! IMPACT's HubSquad has developed a report to track new contact conversions by the HubSpot default property "first page seen."

This means that when a contact lands on their first website page, blog post, or landing page, we would give that first page "credit" for the eventual contact conversion. Check out the screenshots!

Here's a "recipe" for how to build the report in your HubSpot portal: Go to the Custom Report Builder > Build a single object report > Select contacts as your main data source > Select these properties = Create date, First page seen, Original source type > Set these 
filters = Create date is in the last 90 days AND First page seen is known > Choose a summarized data table style displaying First page seen measured by Count of contacts
Sally Habashy
Thanks so much,  Jessica Palmeri , that's really helpful. I'll try to set that up! 
Jessica Palmeri
Awesome  Sally Habashy ! Let me know how it goes :) 
Liz Moorehead
Hey  Sally Habashy ! In addition to all the great resources below, I also did a talk exactly on how to showcase content ROI using HubSpot for last year's HubSpot Training Day:

(You can watch it with a free account.) 
Liz Moorehead
Also, don't forget, it's not enough to find the data, you also need to have an ROI communication strategy for your company. I lay it all out in this article here.
Sally Habashy
Thanks Liz Moorehead ! I found good inspiration in that article. One of our challenges is that we use Salesforce as our CRM (synced to HubSpot) so there's a hurdle when it comes to tracking activity for contacts who haven't filled out a form in HubSpot. I'm really keen on cracking that ROI nut though! I'll go through the proposed resources carefully.

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