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Posted October 27, 2022 in
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My company is actively reviewing resumes for our content manager position. Many applicants are out of state, and I'm concerned about how the position would integrate. So far, on paper, the best candidates are not in our area. What are some of your thoughts on the pros and cons of this position being 100% remote?

For context:
Part-time (20 +/- hours per week) 
Flexible schedule
Would have to be able to remote into our weekly marketing team meetings

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Melissa Prickett
Hi Steven Ladd So excited you all are moving forward with this important initiative. We've seen great success with many organizations hiring their content manager remotely over the last few years. Here's a resource that goes into more detail to give you some assurances. And if you want to talk it through further, let's hop on a call and see where we can give you the clarity you need.

Does this help alleviate some of your concerns and give you some direction?
Steven Ladd
Thanks, Melissa. I owe you a follow-up. I've not forgotten! That resource was helpful too :) 
Dale Pease
We've hired a content manager that currently lives in Ireland (we are a U.S.-based company.) So far it has worked very well. With zoom, we are able to talk face-to-face as often as needed. She also does zoom-based interviews with our SMEs once a week. There has really been very little she hasn't been able to do remotely. It wasn't our intention to hire someone so far away, but we were blown away by her during the interview process and decided we would rather work through any difficulties rather than lose her. So far we count it as a great move. I'm happy to discuss any questions you have.
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Steven Ladd
Thank you, Dale. This is encouraging to see!
Becca Manganello
Hey Steven Ladd  

I'm one of the account managers over here at IMPACT 🙌🏻

We have a handful of clients with remote content managers, and it works out well for them. 🎉

Here are a couple of pros: 
- The pool of people is MUCH bigger to pull from, so this increases the likeliness of getting the best talent. 
- Sometimes it's easier to pop a meeting on the calendar via zoom with SMEs than it is to get them to commit to meeting in person. 
- Some of our clients have found that it's easier for their content managers to be remote because they are able to focus in their own apace instead of getting distracted with other tasks/socialization in the office. 

Here are some cons: 
- With them not being in person its hard to feel connected to them and build a relationship with them (but that is easily fixable with scheduled trips to meet in person). 
- If you need to do an in-person meeting, they may not be able to make that. 
- If the person you hire gets easily distracted being out of the office setting might be a struggle for them.  (lack of structure and support - some people thrive in remote work some people struggle). If you hire a remote person, they need to be disciplined enough to get work done. 
Steven Ladd
Excellent information, and thank you for the insight. I have 7 interviews set up with folks throughout the country. Exciting stuff!
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Becca Manganello
That is so amazing! Let us know how it goes. Looking forward to hear about it!!

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