Be honest, what is the worst/most annoying/frustrating/"I wish I could skip this!!!" part of creating content for you?

Posted January 19, 2021 in

Liz Murphy

Content strategist + brand messaging therapist

For me, it's that in-between moment when I need to come up with an idea but it's still baking. So all I have is this weird purgatory space where I know the "big idea" will come to me and I'm just not there yet. 

In case you're wondering, yes. I'm working on something right now and this post is selfishly inspired, haha.
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Lia Parisyan
For me, it's the lack of holistic thinking. 

A blog gets created in isolation and people wonder why it doesn't perform as expected.  

I'm hyper-detail-oriented (to a fault), so I'm thinking about the header images, what existing blog links can live in the new piece, the videos that will need to be created for longtail, their thumbnails (variations), the push notifications, SM posts—I like to map everything out to make sure we're optimizing every channel, touchpoint, and interaction. 
I find the go-go-go mindset ends up hurting us more in the long run. Also, the lack of documented processes. The SEO checklists, the header dimensions, the A/B testing criteria, etc. 

Sure, that stuff takes time to document, but it's a worthwhile investment that speeds everything up once it's in place. 

How do you get people who are entrenched in a mindset to let go and try something new? 
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Connor DeLaney
This is a tough one to answer, I'd say the making it my own is one of my greatest challenges when it comes to creating content. While I know the value in doing so, I still struggle with feeling comfortable doing it! 

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