As a TAYA Coach-in-training who will graduate soon…

Posted September 22, 2022 in
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Can someone at Impact please share what you charges for the different levels of TAYA Mastery? Eg. I am aware there are 3 x plans: Fast, Faster & Ludicrous mode (lol couldn’t help myself) And also, you have a plan for small businesses too, right? This will give me a benchmark to help me figure out my own offerings in Australia, cheers!
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Dia Vavruska
Eug Soh - IMPACT's small business solution starts at $5,000/mo. and goes up from there. We originally launched packages based on how fast an organization wanted to go (Fast, Faster, Fastest). As we've evolved, we're really focused on making sure that the correct work is getting done and moving at the right pace the team can sustain. Some organizations opt to include sales team training or other services specific to their needs and how aggressive they want to be when diving into becoming a They Ask, You Answer business. On average, our typical clients are investing approximately $10,000/month for 12-18 months. That said, I'd love to hear from other partner coaches on how they're structuring services and pricing models. Especially for individuals/solopreneurs.  Danielle Navas-Brandt   Erin Fults   Thomas Palermo  - can you share your thoughts?

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