5 Changes Coming to Mobile Site Search

Posted October 4, 2022 in
News from web world! At the end of September, Google announced five changes coming soon to mobile search: 
  • Google Search Shortcuts: On the Google app for all iOS, you'll have tappable search shortcuts that help you search beyond typing in a text query. 
  • Results in the Search Bar: Google will start populating results as you type, before you even hit submit, to get you to an answer faster. 
  • Enhanced Query Refinements: When you type in your search, Google will offer ideas to make your question more specific. You can click them to update your search. 
  • Google Web Stories: A new layout that makes search results more visual. E.g., For a city search you might see short videos from people who have visited, tips on how to explore it, things to do, etc.
  • Combining Text, Images, and Video: No more toggling between web, image, and video results! It will all be on one page.  
I'm a little iffy about combining text, images, and video in results. Sometimes I only want to see image or video results so I hope we're still able to toggle that on if we want to.

The search shortcuts seem cool! The ability to find products by uploading screenshots could definitely make online shopping more fun.

Which update are you most excited about? Is there anything in the list that you don't think will be helpful?
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Melanie Moore
I'm curious to see how accurate the results in the search bar will be. It could have an alternate annoying effect if it doesn't pull up what you are REALLY looking for. 

I also agree with you on being iffy about combining text, images, and videos.

Google Web Stories sounds interesting! Excited to see it. 
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Fabrizio Colombi
I agree, I think that combining text, images, and videos on the same result page can be unnecessary. I also think that their Google Web Stories is probably one way to combat TikTok and the organic search traffic that it's taken away from Google with searches like the ones you mentioned. It will be hard to compete there I think.
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