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Larry Kagan

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We used to have a subscription to Vidyard but no longer have one. We are looking for a 1:1 video tool that we can use to create video easily on a desktop and include in an email. Will the free version in Vidyard allow us to do this? Is there another tool that others use to create 1:1 videos easily that does not require a $3000 per year subscription?
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Connor DeLaney
I'd definitely recommend Vidyard on the Free version if you are using it strictly for 1:1 video in emails or quick embeds, however there are likely other tools out there that can help too. Devon McCarty   Lindsey Auten   Zach Basner any other tools you'd recommend?

Rolando Vega Davy Clay Brenda Schermerhorn  any other recommendations you have or are we team Vidyard too? 
Davy Clay
We actually just switched from Vidyard to Loom. (And its alot cheaper!)
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Connor DeLaney
Interesting! I've heard a lot about Loom, were there features you liked better or was it strictly a $ decision. Let us know  Davy Clay !
Brenda Schermerhorn
We have Loom as well. The platform has a few bugs we encounter from time to time and as far as I know there is no integration w/ Hubspot yet (this was eluded to when we signed the contract, but not yet delivered). But overall, it has performed fine for us. 
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Lindsey Auten
Larry Kagan the Vidyard Free version is a great option. There are some other tools as well, including Soapbox from Wistia and Loom. As mentioned in the thread below, Loom does not integrate with HubSpot, so if you'd like to have that integration, that product may not be the best fit for you.