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I hear a lot of people talking about StoryBrand throughout IMPACT these days and while I haven't yet read it myself, I was curious if this was a title a lot of people have read and implemented?

Share your thoughts below and if it seems worthwhile, I'm gonna add it to my bookshelf ASAP! See More
Hey guys! I am getting a new A7siii and i was thinking instead of getting a new battery that cost $80 i would get a power bank and use the USBC connector and power the battery and camera, if anything i am wondering if doing that will harm or damage the camera and battery. What are your guys thoughts, and if you use any power bank and what kind? See More
Burning money is NOT THE ANSWER when it comes to websites!

Take it from Liz Moorehead and Alex Winter - There is a better way to invest in your website. Learn how to turn your website into your #1 revenue driver at the Website Optimization Summit, a virtual event on March 23rd.

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At IMPACT, I help facilitate different book-focused discussions. However, I don't always feel like I know all the best practices for doing so.

If you have run a book club or book discussion before, what would you recommend or what have you seen work really well? See More
This is something I've gone back and forth about for a while now.

We have a number of blog posts written by folks that are no longer with our company.

The way I've currently navigated that is with the following rough guidelines but I'm not sure if that's the best way to go about it:

If it was "written" by someone who is still notable in the industry and they actually wrote it or heavily contributed to it, I leave it in their name.

If it was "written" by someone who isn't notable in the industry and they contributed to the writing of it a bit but not entirely (perhaps answered a few questions for more info in an interview but wasn't involved in editing or approval), I've typically absorbed it into a general company-named generic author... See More
Looking for personal advice from an expert? Have a great conversation with a peer that you don't want to forget about? Check out the Messages tool here in IMPACT+!

With Messages, you can send 1:1 or small group messages to your fellow IMPACT+ members and keep those conversations going at any time.

Not sure who to message first? Try sending one to me! Type 'Connor DeLaney' into the search bar (you'll see my face pop up) then simply say hello! View full-size Download See More
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Hi all,

Does anyone have any handy tips for briefing/feeding back to outsourced writers?

I'm pretty new to using outside help for written content creation...I've done it a couple of times recently with two different writers with varying results. I have tendancy to over-edit too, which I know isn't great and perhaps more a reflection on my briefing skills!

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

I remember seeing a video clip Liz Moorehead did recently that showed her briefing a writer...been trying to relocate it as I think that would help.

Thank you. See More
In order to stay with HubSpot long term I need to build out a referral partner portal for 250 partners. Then I need to build a customer portal for about a 1000 customers See More
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Hi all,

Excited to be a part of this community.

Today was my first day at Berry Insurance as their Videographer(and my first day as part of this community!). Currently I am just learning more about the company's philosophy and how to best tailor video content to our overarching goals. They practice They Ask You Answer as their guiding principle. I am currently reading They Ask You Answer and will soon start The Visual Sale.

My question for you video production folks is how did you best align yourself with their overall goal? What were questions you asked subject matter experts to develop a relationship with them? What are some ways you simplified the complex world of production into actionable, practical steps?

I have some one-on-one's set... See More
Hey friends!
I'm on the hunt for examples of websites/apps/brands with great Inclusive UX (i.e. Pinterest's skin tone selector, Twitter's language selector, pro-noun fields on forms, etc).

What are some of the best you've come across? Share and link them in a comment below! :) Thanks! See More
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Question for my fellow marketers:

Who belongs on your 'team' page on your website? Some in leadership believe adding everyone may "make us look too small", others believe that we should have every employee on there with a small bio.

How do you make the determination? Is it just top-level leadership? What if you have a very small sales team, do you add just one rep or just one technician? Or do you add every salesperson and every technician?

Looking forward to your feedback! See More
I have the following 3 videos shot for a client but not yet uploaded onto their website:

Claims we make 80% Landing Page
Landing page is the easy one but wondering for the others the best places for those to live on the website.

Devon McCarty , Kyle Wertz , Jamie Sims - You all might be good people to ask in particular! See More
Just finished doing new business commission reports for referral partners. However the system makes me do a separate report for renewal. Anybody know how to combine this View full-size Download See More
Shout out to Katie Bowles at Mazzella who absolutely killed it with her recent implementation of a Choose Your Own Adventure-style lead nurture strategy. I love seeing my clients succeed (and generate some sweet, sweet influenced revenue!)

See the full story here:www.impactplus.com See More
What better place to post this in than the Sales Professional community! IMPACT is hosting our Video Selling Bootcamp next Wednesday, February 3rd from 10-4pm!

The day is broken out into three sessions:

Will Schultz and Eric Dunn will help you add video to your sales process. Stephanie Baiocchi and Myriah Anderson will show you how to make a great sales email using video. Chris Duprey and Marcus Sheridan will show you how to close in a virtual selling environment
You can click here to check out the whole bootcamp agenda and use code SALESPRO when you register to get your tickets for $149 vs. $299.

Hope to see you there! See More
Many of us have read lots of books throughout our careers, but I'm sure we all have that one book we always think of and recommend. What's that book for you? See More
I recently finished the book Diary of a Real Estate Rookie by Alison Rogers and highly recommend it to those that are looking for a home or agents that are marketing homes. It presents a witty and intelligent perspective from both the buyer and the seller. The book is a quick read based on articles the author had written as a newspaper columnist navigating the property sales and rental market. It sheds light not only on the real estate industry but on how consumers think. It serves as an informative guide to navigating an industry that relies on marketing communication. See More