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Is the. greatest. thing. ever...

Thanks to this Hubspot report, I can show in exact dollar amounts how much revenue my blog posts and landing pages have generated.

For example, this year so far, via three blog posts and a pillar page I made, I have generated $76,114 for my company.

Being able to show revenue like this makes showing our management team the value of TAYA and content creation so much easier and more rewarding.

I highly suggest setting this report up on Hubspot if you have it.

Please note, you need to have the enterprise level of the software to generate this report.


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Carina Duffy shared this with our team this morning and it make some SO excited. The tool allows you to see the high level view of your workflow without having to scroll, swipe, and scan to get to the step you want.

According to Kyle Jepson's post linked above, this is being rolled out today for all HubSpot portals and you should start seeing it really soon. Definitely looking forward to seeing this in our portal later today.

If it's hit your portal, definitely send screenshots of some of your more complex workflows so we can see how awesome this new feature is! See More
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WOW! Talk about a shift in industries. I know with They Ask, You Answer in place we preach taking work in-house but it's fascinating how quickly things have shifted over the last calendar year or so.

A couple of quotes that stood out to me (and Liz Moorehead ) -

“‘Albeit a small dip from 23.7% in 2020 to 23% in 2021, this continual change indicates significant in-housing activity, as CMOs reimagine the capabilities that can be supported by their internal teams,’ added [Ewan McIntyre, co-chief of research and vice president analyst in the Gartner for Marketers practice].

“CMOs report that 29% of work previously carried out by agencies has moved in-house in just the last 12-months alone. The focus of in-housing is changing as well –... See More
An Ugly Truth: Inside Facebook's Battle for Domination
I was introduced to this book by David Meerman Scott and the cover and title alone caught my attention almost immediately.

From what I've gathered in reading DMS's post on LinkedIn as well as the brief research I did on the title, it seems to go much further than what the platform is looking to do. Instead, it's from the accounts of members of the Facebook team on how the company stays ahead of governments, politicians, and businesses to go much further than just a social media platform.

I highly recommend you check out his original post on the book on LinkedIn from David: An Ugly Truth digs deep into the insider details behind the algorithm and other aspects of Facebook.

My favorite line from the post:

"While I am just getting started... See More
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Did you know 84% of people say that they've been convinced to buy a product or service from watching a brand's video?

You could be missing out on 84% of sales by not leveraging the power of video. Don't let it happen!

Join Marcus Sheridan , Tyler Lessard , Liz Moorehead , David Meerman Scott , Zach Basner , Chris Marr and many more as they deliver the secrets to making video your best revenue driver (it's actually easier than you think.)

Secure your spot for Video Sales & Marketing World today by heading over to the EVENTS tab.

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Ever since the core web vitals Google ranking update was announced, I have been trying to get our website up to speed (pun intended). In the beginning, I did a lot of research, tried to find out if I could fix things myself, and then ultimately found that the outside website team we use would have to perform updates.

This website team has been working since March to try different fixes for our website to improve our LCP and CLS scores. They updated our Wordpress, they tested the sticky nav as a contributing factor, and we purchased a plug-in to optimize all 10,000 of our photos. Next, they tried the Cloudways Breeze caching plugin but it disabled all of our homepage videos so it had to be turned off.

After the updates, we still are not... See More
Join Marcus Sheridan tomorrow from 12:00 - 1:00pm ET forHow to ace your video sales call: Your before, during, and after checklist.

From getting prospects to turn on their camera every time to understanding the right way to ask questions to guarantee smoother communication (and eliminate ever having awkward moments of silence), learn exactly how to have more successful video sales calls in this webinar with Marcus Sheridan. You’ll learn how to prepare for calls effectively, discover the correct process to effectively integrating slides into your video sales presentations, and leave ready to ace your future video sales calls every time.

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We are trying to up our game and move from using video scripts to bulleted script outlines. Does anyone have a sample bulleted script outline they can share? See More
We just started using Vidyard and can see analytics about our videos. However, we want to see on an individual level, what videos and how many videos a particular person/prospect watched. We ask for their email address b4 they watch and allow them to skip entering their email if they wish. Is this the best practice or is there a better way to track how long and what each person is watching? Is tracking analytics for individuals a HubSpot thing, a Vidyard thing, or a combo of both? See More
One of the things I find to be equal parts fascinating and completely frustrating is the "inside baseball" side of SEO. There's this whole world of seemingly super technical stuff that influences how well our ideal buyers are able (or not able to) discover the content we're creating for them.

And yet these stories are often shoved aside or dismissed as being irrelevant.

This story is just one example. It's easy to think that stories about "internal linking" and site structure are too abstract for you to care about or understand, but that's not the case.

As I said in that article:

"... while it's easy to dismiss these little morsels of strategic SEO expertise as being "too in the weeds" to be relevant to how well your content strategy gets... See More
A quick story on not asking for help when it comes to editing
As ALL of you may have noticed, yesterday I sent out an email with a typo in the subject line that was, well, pretty darn obvious. While ANNOUNCEMENT is absolutely on my list of "words I don't like typing", the real issue that came from my mistake was attempting to rush something out without listening to that voice in the back of my head telling me to have someone look it over for me.

Coincidentally, I got three messages from my team within five minutes of it going out saying they spotted the error and wanted to make sure I saw it too. Each one of them followed up with, "You can always send it my way if you need a second set of eyes!"

In my Cave of Shame (Trademark, all... See More
New Lesson - Blog article publication checklist
Membership: Free
Length: 40 Minutes
Taught by: Kevin Phillips

This lesson will break down three critical areas for you to review before hitting publish: You’ll learn how to review the copy of your article for SEO and user experience You’ll learn how to inspect your multimedia for best practices You’ll learn what technical SEO elements you’ll want to analyze Plus, this course comes with a blog publication checklist that you can download and use for yourself and your team!

Updated Lesson - How to create landing page videos that convert
Membership: Free
Length: 12 Minutes
Taught by: Renee Hernandez

In this lesson, you'll learn: What a landing page video is and why you need one How to write a... See More
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In an industry where the expectations are to kill or be killed, Microsoft took a stand in their new update to Windows 11, saying that, "Operating systems and devices should mold to our needs, not the other way around."

With that in mind, Microsoft's CEO continued in talking about how they want to bring technology more together. "[Microsoft's] technology is being built to work with as many products as possible, including software for competing Google Android smartphones."

The article continues, talking through Windows's goal of allowing developers and even Google with their apps to go onto Windows and the Microsoft Store and sell their programs for next to no commissions to Microsoft itself, a heavy shift from the industry standard.

To... See More
And do you plan to keep anything you've been doing the same, as we go "back to normal" ish?

Be honest. Be as brief or as long as you'd like. :) See More
Here's an interesting piece from Digiday about returning to the office. The Wall Street Journal had a story recently about people who are quitting their old jobs instead of heading back into the office.

So, what's the reality on the ground? Here at IMPACT, we're mostly remote anyway, so we haven't been affected all that much.

But for anyone else out there, are you back in the office full time? Are you hybrid? Are you still remote? And, if you're remote, does your company plan to downsize office space if more people are working from home?

And, most important of all: Who's making the decisions about how/where work happens?

The long-range implications of all of this could be huge. See More
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Sorry, this is long...

Here's the portrait:
Back in 2020, I had a consulting/social media management agency. I was tired and wanted out of having my hands in the production part of things. You know "work on your business, not in your business", so I hired my first full-time employee.

The pandemic hit, we lost a few clients but gain way more. Which is great but still had my hands shoulder-deep in the production part of things (aka doing the work for the client).

Many entrepreneurs were coming to me saying "many VA's offer social media management but few actually do anything more than post content. They don't have the marketing strategy, and no ROI, etc.."
On the other hand, VA's were coming to me requesting training to... See More
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Hey, I'm a marketing manager about to embark on a more senior post (head of marketing) at an ecommerce agency. I would love to hear from seasoned agency leaders/marketers what you advise should be the key priorities/achievements in my first 100 days?

Thanks in advance! See More
Friends, feeling bogged down with HR issues as of late. We are a team of 9 so we can't afford to hire a full-time HR person on staff. Does anyone have or know of places that offer contract or fee based work? Or have job sharing so they can work with multiple clients?

THANKS! See More
I am looking for an article, video, or examples of writing a "Best" type article. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks. See More