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Take off your digital sales and marketing caps and put on your buying caps. And it could be anything. Some answers I've heard so far are:

"Language that is too "markety" and doesn't actually tell me what you do. And no visible pricing. I'll leave immediately if I have to request a quote instead of being able to see pricing up front!" "Not being mobile friendly, or not having a clear opt out to pop up’s. Low contrast between text and graphics making the site/headers hard to read" "My all time favorite: 'Request a Quote' on every freaking page of their website" "I cringe when companies get super casual in their website bios, especially when the rest of the website is formal. One pet peeve of mine is the “hover” over a professional... See More
I really struggle, personally, because when I find jams or playlists I really like, sometimes the music itself will distract me. For example, one time I started typing out the lyrics to Beyonce's "Irreplaceable" instead of, you know... the top content marketing tools I was writing about. Oops. See More
Hey guys,

Liz Moorehead and I record Content Lab each week. I use Audacity to produce it, but I find it to be glitchy at times.

What is anyone else using? (preferably something that's free) See More
I spend a lot of time in front of the screen and I hear mixed reviews if these glasses are worth investing in. Assuming most of you fall in a similar boat, I want to hear opinions on if they are worth buying as well as recommendations if they are! See More
What are your thoughts about product demonstration videos embedded in blog post from competitors, specifically in a B2B/Manufacturing context. There is so much awesome content pre-made in our industry (packaging machinery) from competitors.

I know it may seem counter-intuitive, but honestly, how often are you in a blog post, watching an embedded video, deciding you want to buy the product and instead of going to "contact us" or hitting the CTA, decide to follow the link to the YouTube page?

In this instance, I am thinking of using a competitors video which illustrates the difference between three different packaging materials. In it, a man is showing each material being used and how they are different from each other. The materials in the... See More
For me, it's that in-between moment when I need to come up with an idea but it's still baking. So all I have is this weird purgatory space where I know the "big idea" will come to me and I'm just not there yet.

In case you're wondering, yes. I'm working on something right now and this post is selfishly inspired, haha. See More
Given the craziness of what we endured over the past year, I'm curious how others would approach this question. Something tells me it'd be a bit different than what we have said in the past.

What would be the main bullet points you'd share? See More
IMPACT is hosting a trio of bootcamps over the next few weeks and we want to see YOU there!

Jan. 20th: Video Marketing Bootcamp
Jan. 27th: New Year New Brand Bootcamp (sponsored by Design Pickle)
Feb. 3rd: Video Selling Bootcamp

Use code DIGEST to get your tickets to any of these events for just $149!

Want to attend multiple bootcamps or have a team that wants to attend one? Email us at events@impactplus.com and let's talk bundle pricing!

Here is the short summary you can expect for each of these bootcamps!

Hands-on and interactive with activities, not boring presentations. Intimate, small groups so you can ask questions and get feedback from experts. Workbooks that guide you through activities and provide actionable takeaways Led by... See More
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It's the second week of January 2021 and I'm sure there are A LOT of things going through your mind that you need to get moving on. So take a minute and slow down: What is the one thing you can commit to accomplishing this week?

Focus and prioritize on the most important project, objective, thing that will keep your company going. To help, consider the idea that if this one thing does not get done, myself or others cannot move forward on other priorities.

Taking it one step further, how can the IMPACT+ community help you make it happen? See More
Now that everyone has set their Goodreads goal for 2021, I thought I'd share these personal reading lessons with you :)

Choose your books deliberately Read every day Don’t go anywhere without a book Don’t suffer shite books Don’t lend out your books Buy your books (from an independent) and build your library Build your ‘antilibrary’ (source) Stick with great writers Build a re-reading list Make a plan for what you want to read Don’t get distracted by new books Don’t get distracted by what or how many books other people are reading Make sure your kids see you reading physical books
What would you add/remove from this list? See More
Personal goal setting tips:
1. Start your goal setting in October
2. Don’t share your goals with others
3. Once set, focus on activities and behaviours not outcomes

Tips for success:

1. Build the activities into your identity
2. Don’t rely on internal motivation
3. Don’t rely on external recognition
4. Create a routine that makes it easy for you
5. Don’t let a bad day ruin your week/year

What works for you?

See More
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When Abby Wambach retired from professional soccer she had a difficult period of adjustment where she was afraid that losing soccer meant that she was losing herself.

Like most of us, a large part of our identity is shaped by the work we do.

We’ll all have to deal with the same challenge as Abby at some point in our careers - whether it’s something we control, or not.

Abby’s partner, Glennon Doyle, wrote this for Abby when she’s was struggling to figure out what retirement meant for her:

"I don't think the magic was on the field, Abby. I think the magic is inside of you. I think you'll carry it with you until you die. *From out here, Abby, it is crystal clear that soccer didn't make you special - you made soccer special.* You have lost... See More
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YouTube released its recap of 2020. The videos that got us through the pandemic: home workouts, socially-aware comedy.

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At our final team meeting of the year I asked: ‘Name one person, and what they did, that had a dramatic impact on you in the last year.’

It opened up a powerful conversation where we expressed recognition and gratitude for the people that have helped us.

There were three types of people that had an impact on all of us:

Mentors - Someone to learn from Peers - Someone to challenge us Mentees - Someone to teach
One person went as far to say that the person that had *the single greatest impact* on him this year was his understudy and mentee - isn’t that interesting?

He’s had many teachers throughout his professional career, but only one or two mentee’s.

It’s all too common to discuss the benefits of mentorship from the perspective of the... See More
Think about the phrase, "If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life."

If you are passionate about your work, of course, you are going to work more, at least you are more likely to. If you aren't, you won't.

But can passionate workaholics be one in the same?

I feel I live as both here. While I'm extremely passionate about the work I do, I also find myself working a lot because of that.

At the end of the day, I'd argue that finding what motivates you or what you are passionate about will open the door to working more but will also allow you to enjoy doing it at the same time.

What are your thoughts around working in this manner? See More
We all know how hard it can be to communicate tone in text. (There's a hilarious Key and Peele sketch about text messages that get misconstrued.)

I read yesterday in the NYT about using tone indicators in our texts, emails, tweets, comments, Slack messages, and more. Is anyone using these?

www.nytimes.com See More
As 2020 comes to a close, I've been reflecting on some of the most common mistakes I saw brands make with their inbound marketing.
If you're looking to improve your marketing in 2021, take a look at this article and ask yourself, "how many of these am I guilty of?"
Here's to making 2021 your best year yet
7 Inbound Marketing Strategy Mistakes that will Cost You in 2021 See More
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“Doing your job without whining.” 1.15

“We were born to work together.” 2.1

“To care for all human beings is part of being human.” 3.4

“If you do the job in a principled way, with diligence, energy and patience, if you keep yourself free of distractions…find fulfilment in what you are doing now…then your life will be happy.” 3.12

“No one does the wrong thing deliberately.” 4.3

“If you seek tranquility, do less. Because most of what we say and do is not essential. I you can eliminate it, you’ll have more time, and more tranquility. Ask yourself at every moment, ‘is this necessary?’” 4.24

“Constant awareness that everything is born from change.” 4.36

“There is nothing bad in undergoing change – or good in emerging from it.” 4.42

“At dawn,... See More
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I am the owner of an employee compliance company that does b2b sales. We are writing a new article every week now and I am looking for a checklist of things to do to maximize our ROI and inbound leads from these articles. We are going to make videos from these articles and post them to our YouTube channel. Right now we email the articles to our clients and prospects and post them to our company website.

Should we post the articles to social media (LinkedIn, FB, etc.) or just post the videos to social media. What other things should we do with these articles to enable more people to find us on the web? What am I missing? See More