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Digital Sales and Marketing Coach at IMPACT | “All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.”

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Digital Sales and Marketing Coach

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I coach professionals to communicate clearly (and transparently) so they can grow their influence and revenue.


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To attract and keep great talent at your company, you need to know what they really want and need.Salaries that afford them food, shelter, and security are givens, but modern employees want more.
  • Self-actualization.
  • Belonging.
  • Purpose.

To create a place people love to work and want to stay, your business has to show it can fulfill these higher needs.Give them a mission they believe in.Show them your values.Show them a culture that...
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When it comes to shaping your sales communication, don’t let “bad fits” become your target audience.Oftentimes when working with sales teams on our Assignment Selling principles there’s always at least one person in the room that says…“What if the prospect says ‘I don’t have the time to consume content’ or ‘Why can’t YOU just teach me that thing right now.'”Here’s the thing - that will happen. It’s inevitable. And we should be prepared to...
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"It's hard to find good people right now."I've talked with numerous companies over the past year, including many of my own clients, about how difficult it's been to fill critical positions within their company.Laborers.Leaders.Sales reps.You name it.I'll usually ask to take a look at their job postings first...Here are three things that are usually missing:1. A mission (not a mission statement, but what's the company realistically looking to...
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I am extremely disappointed with the content of the video. While the speaker is nice looking and speaks well, the content is aimed to the sixth grader. There is hardly any "how-to" in the content, perhaps the two minutes on posture. That's about it. Anything else is pretty much common sense.
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Zach Basner
Hi Chere. Appreciate the fact that you took the time to watch the course and provide your feedback on the on-camera performance course.

You're exactly right - these principles are aimed at even the most novice of subject matter experts. Not intended to impress, but to give them some basic knowledge that allows them to get out of their heads and be helpful to their audiences.

As mentioned in the course, I'm careful not to try to be the smartest in the room but simply offer what I've seen to help so many struggling teams. Many of whom are getting on camera for the first time.
This was brought up by a sales rep in a workshop today, and it’s not the first time I’ve heard it.
In fact, I’ve heard this dozens of times.
Here’s the thing though: is that really true?
Does a sales rep become obsolete if they address a buyer's questions and concerns outside of a meeting?
Do we appear less helpful if we let content do a bulk of the teaching?
I don’t think so. And I haven’t seen any evidence to back that up.
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Every organization needs great people and great leaders. Yet, nearly every company I talk to is experiencing some sort of challenge around hiring and recruiting right now.
“It’s really hard to find great people right now, Zach.”
Trust me, I feel you. Even we at IMPACT have experienced the pain of the “Great Resignation.” It’s not that great people aren’t out there, it’s just taking about 3 times as long to find them.
Fact is, though, it’s...
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I've found making templates for folders in Finder, and Premiere/AE templates have saved me a lot of set up time.I have a template folder that has all the parts of post production I need, along with a premiere file already loaded with commonly used assets.Do you guys have any other tricks for templates/repetitive tasks for post-production?
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Zach Basner
This isn't necessarily a "template" hack, but this one simple thing has definitely saved me HOURS if not DAYS of time.

Have a folder of background music ready to rock. Music stays in there (not in the project folder) so it never gets unlinked which saves time in itself.

I used to spend at least 15-20 mins per video finding music and that kinda stressed me out.

Instead, I took like 4 hours one day and just downloaded a bunch of music and now it takes me 2 minutes.

Hi all!I am new to the videography world. I'm working on putting together a list of equipment we would need in the office so that we can shoot videos quickly and easily instead of trying to find a studio, hire a freelancer, etc. We're a small business with about 10 employees total. Up to this point, we've been filming via zoom/webinar software and just repurposing that footage.Please send me any links to specific things that would help! Type...
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Zach Basner
Here are a bunch of different equipment kits you can check out:

If you need something relatively inexpensive and extremely user-friendly, I'd recommend building out your kit around a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema (4k) Camera. It's listed in my beginners kit. :-)

Also, some things to keep in mind when you're buying equipment for a set:

Hey guys! I am getting a new A7siii and i was thinking instead of getting a new battery that cost $80 i would get a power bank and use the USBC connector and power the battery and camera, if anything i am wondering if doing that will harm or damage the camera and battery. What are your guys thoughts, and if you use any power bank and what kind?
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Question for my fellow marketers:

Who belongs on your 'team' page on your website? Some in leadership believe adding everyone may "make us look too small", others believe that we should have every employee on there with a small bio.How do you make the determination? Is it just top-level leadership? What if you have a very small sales team, do you add just one rep or just one technician? Or do you add every salesperson and every...
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Zach Basner
This is an interesting one, David.

Here are some things I'm thinking about regarding adding the whole team:

  • Gives you a good opp to address the value of working with a "smaller" team right there on the page
  • Shows your prospects you're proud of your team
  • Shows the team that you value them personally
  • Gives any customer the opportunity to get to know the folks behind the operation (seldom do companies display everyone)
  • Potentially gives everyone the chance to get on video (obviously had to sneak that in there ;-))
  • Appeals to folks who value working with a small, tight-knit team
  • Appeals to future hires (this is actually a really big deal when you think about it)

  • Might turn off someone who wants a big team working with them (having them displayed on the website doesn't change this though - so is it not a good fit already?)
  • Will take time and effort to gather bios, videos and images
  • Depending on hiring/turnover/role change, could need constant updating

There's probably more there, but maybe this will help a little bit. :-)
I am new at this and just hired a full-time videographer. He has a new Mac at home and uses the Adobe suite. How should I set him up for post-production in the office? Should I get him a Mac or PC? Should he copy files, he is working on to an external drive, use Adobe Cloud, or use Google Drive? What's the best way to do this?
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Zach Basner
Hey Larry.

Here's what I'd recommend:

  • If he's using a Mac to edit at home, it's going to be easiest to also use a Mac at the office. Two reasons: first, the pace of his work matters and learning how to work fast with two operating systems isn't easy. Second, you eliminate any file inconsistencies between these two different OS's.

  • Regarding storage, an SSD is going to be fast, no doubt. That said, I do almost all of my storage on G Drive. This way I can access any footage, at any time, from any of my devices. G Drive has an application that works (near) flawlessly between my iMac, Macbook, and iPhone.

    As far as how that works, my devices are set up to automatically sync certain folders (a G Drive setting) so everything is consistently downloaded or uploaded in the background as I do my work.
Hey gang, would love to take a look and have you share with each other the BEST video content you've been using.Post your links and tell us about your submission.Let's have some fun and get some INSPIRATION. :-)
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Hey Y'all,

I'm got something truly exciting for you today, and it's all in this 5 minute video:
Assignment Selling Content - Win a $50 Gift Card!
That's right, I'm giving away two $50 gift cards to the best examples of Assignment Selling across all the clients we're working with here at IMPACT.This is for sales, marketing and leadership teams to get involved in, and the competition is going to be set high!Here are the details:
  • Send your...
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Zach Basner
Oh, this is gonna be GOOD. :-)
I recently came back from a day of filming to find that one of my files was corrupted. For some strange reason my card wrote two files for the same video (even though I did not have that function on) and I was able to get my footage off my card and on to a timeline. I'm interested in knowing if anyone has any methods of recovering corrupt footage or salvaging a corrupt card as I feel like I may run into this problem again later on and I...
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Zach Basner
Jameson Killen that's a million-dollar question, my friend. :-) Fortunately, I've never had this happen. Probably will now that I said that.

My best advice for anyone:
  • Don't record a days worth of footage without stopping to transfer files along the way. Better to catch the problem sooner than later.
  • Don't buy cheap SD cards. (There are also a lot of knock offs floating around on Amazon that aren't legit brand name products even though they look like them. I've been a victim of this!)
  • If you're purchasing new camera equipment, consider buying a cinema cam that will record directly to a solid state drive (SSD). Less chance of a failure with it.
Hey all and Happy Monday!

Did you attend the Virtual Selling Summit last week? What were your biggest takeaways and what have you begun implementing since?

Also, feel free to share any questions you didn't get answered during sessions here :)

If you missed the virtual event, you can access the recordings here.
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Zach Basner
Really stoked to see so many takeaways from the attendees about embracing video within the sales process.  Will Schultz  had one of the most in-depth explanations of The Selling Seven we've done yet.

I think it's valuable for attendees to witness just how many organizations are still yet to adapt to this way of thinking, and that's just a sample size of VSS attendees. Video is still a differentiator. But it won't stay that way for long.
Howdy and welcome to IMPACT+!Please share your thoughts and questions here. And if you run into an issue, include a screenshot for reference :)Looking forward to supporting y'all, have a great day!
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Zach Basner
I got a 504 error (or some 500 number) when I was changing my avatar. Uploaded my avatar, clicked save, error land.