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Hope this is the right spot to post this.

I'm looking for some examples of TAYA question/topic "best in class" and I'm also making sure I'm understanding the use of this correctly.

The example Marcus gave in the book is he rated best-in-class fiberglass pool designs.

So he didn't rate best-in-class pool installers, he rated best-in-class of the core element of his work or what he's selling.

Am I right in thinking then that the best-in-class topic would be some tool or tools that support the actual core work?

For example, someone who teaches how to create an online course could do an evaluation of top course platforms for her target audience and then do an indepth rating with pros and cons?

Let's say the company in question does sales... See More
We just closed a $257,000 deal.

First Interaction:

Last interaction:


Have a great day everybody!

If you have any questions, pop them in the comment section and I will follow up later today.

UPDATED - Answers to Connor's Questions:

1. How long did this deal take to close? Just under 2 months

2. Roughly how many articles did they consume between first and last interaction? The first and last articles are the only content they consumed outside of information and proposals sent by the sales rep assigned to the deal.

3. How many views/month does that first interaction get? 53 per month... See More
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Holy cow that's fantastic!!!! 
I hope this isn't a stupid question but do they track different things?

I understand the basics of Google Analytics and am thinking about getting their certificate.

Am I right that Hubspot tracks more detailed information...more granular information that relates directly to sales enablement?

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I had this pop up in my email just now. I've never seen a company do this before in their email marketing, and it really made me stop and take notice. Maybe something useful for those who send out holiday marketing campaigns. Being decent human beings is a good practice all the time, even in our marketing.
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I've seen a lot of discussion of this on Facebook around Mother's Day. I think it's very sensitive. There are those who are estranged from one or more parents for a variety of reasons and those who don't have parents or even parent-figures in their life who find it painful to see these kings of promotions. 
I was torn over whether to post this in the Content community but figured I'd try here since I'm looking for a tip and resource :-)

Way back in the day when I worked at an agency, I just came up with the ideas and our inhouse developer figured out how to implement them :-)

Out on my own, I need to provide more details.

I've wanted to add a glossary to my WP site for a long time but haven't found a plugin that's easy to use for me and for the user.

I could just create a page and add the terms in a giant list, then try to add links from a post or page directly to that definition on the Glossary page. But I was wondering if any of you have found a more elegant solution.


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Hey friends, a client and I are looking for an easy to use social posting/sharing tool. We're looking for something that integrates with WP.

What do you all recommend? This isn't something that Hubspot can do, right?

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Hey there, I'm sick to death of WP and would like to move my site to Hubspot's CMS-starter.

I've been dragging my feet on this and really need to get it done but it feels overwhelming and scary.

I learn tech pretty easily so if someone who's done this can point me towards their favorite resources I'd appreciate it.

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I have found a validated idea for a software product. A 3 years old startup is tackling this problem and recently got a Series A funding.

I am planning to document everything from building the product, finding the idea and share it freely on my blog. The idea is by giving away the quality content, the developers will realize how much work is required to build a product in this market. So, it will be easy to make the decision between developing this product from scratch vs buying my product.

By sharing my knowledge, I am sharing the best practices and how to build using the latest tools that is available to build, deploy, secure and manage the product. I am answering their questions that they ask on forums and search engines. I am planning... See More
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I'm not sure I understand what you're asking for feedback on. 

Are you saying that you plan on competing with this software that has received funding or you're part of this software company and your strategy then is to share content that helps the potential buyer/end-user realize they need to buy your product rather than try to create their own solution?
My name is Bala Paranj. I have a technical background. I am currently working on finding qualified prospects to have one on one conversations to discuss the frustrations and challenges that they are facing at work.

My desired outcome is scheduling one on one Zoom call via scheduleonce scheduling tool. I have read the book They Ask, You Answer. Since my outcome is not selling, I have done keyword research and have collected the questions relevant to my market. How do I go about applying the principles of They Ask, You Answer for my situation? What search intent category should I target in my content? I am not sure whether I should target informational, navigational, commercial or transactional search intent. See More
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Well I'd start with making connections to these people through your existing network first of all. It sounds like you're doing informational interviews. So you're going to have to find a reason for these people to take time out of their day to make time for you. There needs to be something in it for them. Maybe you can compile the data and produce some sort of report like "5 problems every _______ wants from ______" (where the first blank is a profession or job title and the 2nd blank is a type of software or API)

As for using TAYA....I'd create some content that discusses the costs of software and the costs of choosing the wrong solution.

You could write an article about the jobs and how the tool you're talking about could help them. 

You could look at becoming THE expert on the challenges developers have, the options they have for solving those challenges. 

Hope that helps or at least sparks some ideas.
We have two local competitors that recently sold to large national companies. Their URLs are now forwarded to the giant company's websites. I am looking for a way for buyers to find our company when they are searching for the local companies that sold their businesses. What is the best way to do this? How can Baron come up in a search when buyers are searching for the sold company's old brand that no longer exists? How can Baron Payroll come up in a search when the buyer is searching for Ace Payroll, NY? See More
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Hey, I'm wondering if you could add some content where you explain the benefits of X company joining Y company? 
This was brought up by a sales rep in a workshop today, and it’s not the first time I’ve heard it.
In fact, I’ve heard this dozens of times.
Here’s the thing though: is that really true?
Does a sales rep become obsolete if they address a buyer's questions and concerns outside of a meeting?
Do we appear less helpful if we let content do a bulk of the teaching?
I don’t think so. And I haven’t seen any evidence to back that up.
Here’s what actually happens…
When you, as a sales rep, make sure a prospect takes the time to consume helpful and truly unbiased content…
You establish yourself as a trusted guide You make it less about you, and more about the customer making a decision on their own terms You make their buying process... See More
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I agree  Nick Bennett  I think it's also a narrow view of a salesperson's role. What if, instead of focusing on the initial sale, the sales rep embraces the idea that they're selling -- and re-selling -- to the client. They can share tips with the new client to help speed up their success with whatever it is the client is buying. 

I remember when I was buying my first Honda. 

I didn't need to be sold on my Civic. I knew when I walked on the lot that I wanted one. It was a matter of which one could I afford at the time and what color that came in. 

The sales person shared a trick with the climate control system that made it easier to keep the windows from fogging up. She talked about how much driving I did (a LOT) and helped me convince myself to spend a little more and get a sunroof (and every car I've had since that one has had a sunroof). 

There are nuances to a sale and to a client that I think we all know reps with that sort of mindset are missing.
Hi. I'm knew around here and still getting familiar with things.

I found a broken link in the course about building a TAYA website and wanted to let someone know. How do I share that? Thanks. See More
Every organization needs great people and great leaders. Yet, nearly every company I talk to is experiencing some sort of challenge around hiring and recruiting right now.

“It’s really hard to find great people right now, Zach.”

Trust me, I feel you. Even we at IMPACT have experienced the pain of the “Great Resignation.” It’s not that great people aren’t out there, it’s just taking about 3 times as long to find them.

Fact is, though, it’s high time we all take a closer look at exactly HOW we go about attracting these people - starting with our communication on the front end.
Of course I’m talking….job postings.
Three things we’ve noticed will make a radical difference in both the quality and amount of applicants you attract in your... See More
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Love these suggestions and this topic! I'm a former recruiter and can talk about this all. day. long! Recruiting is really marketing but to a different audience. You need to attract great applicants or you'll never become the great company you dream of being. They ARE your brand to the customer. 

Even more important than videos from a hiring manager would be videos from employees talking about why they love working there...why they enjoy their job...the positives they see in the culture. 

Just as clients have a choice -- to buy from you or the competition -- the best applicants have a choice as well. 
We used to have a subscription to Vidyard but no longer have one. We are looking for a 1:1 video tool that we can use to create video easily on a desktop and include in an email. Will the free version in Vidyard allow us to do this? Is there another tool that others use to create 1:1 videos easily that does not require a $3000 per year subscription? See More
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Hi. There's a tool called BombBomb that was built for the user to create quick videos that get embedded in emails. That might be worth checking out. I think they have a free trial. It's at There's something else called Warm Welcome at It's supposed to be similar to BombBomb.