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Hey y'all,In this episode of The Authoritative Coach, Chris shares a set of questions and scenarios to help you delegate accountability back to your client so they own their work and take responsibility for it.No more running around chasing people down for work.Check it out:
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Winnie Anderson
These are such great tips and things to remember. 

The biggest aha for me out of this is to make clear our roles and what accountability means. So many coaches and clients think it means the coach/client services rep/account exec is going to hold the client accountable by hounding the client for work. 

That's not the case at all. 

The client is a grownup. 

These are things to be sure to add to my vanguards.

You read that right, I bumped into Ryan Anderson's Linkedin post referencing the song and I have been bopping my head for the past 15 minutes on repeat.Its inspiring to see creative ways to get your message out there.Content that typically pulls me is usually funny, music related and super relatable.As we move deeper into the digital age, bringing your creativity to reach your audience is invaluable.Do you prefer more serious and to the...
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Winnie Anderson
HILARIOUS!!! This should be played at every Impact event and it should be Marcus' official song that gets played as he comes on stage.

This is a great example of an effective use of humor.  

I do enjoy something with personality as long as the message isn't lost. 

Companies that do a good job or have done a good job in the past (IMO) are Old Spice (with Old Spice Man), Dollar Shave Club and their early ads, and Duluth Trading's commercials. 

This is actually is part of a deeper and interesting conversation....putting your personality into your marketing...communicating your company's's a big part of what connects with our clients I think. 
Hey, I've been watching Chris Duprey's course on the "Fundamentals of Highly-Effective Sales Communication" (SO wish I had this great info sooner) and thought I'd share this article from that reinforces what he says about nonverbal communication.We've probably always known it to be important but now with so much done remotely it becomes even more so.
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It’s incredibly important to us here at IMPACT to continue to educate you all on They Ask, You Answer, but it’s not about what WE think you want/need.
It’s about what YOU all actually want/need.
So let’s take a vote here - What course topics would you like to see more of?
Hit the reaction button with the course content you’d like to see more of:
  • - Assignment Selling
  • - Written Content
  • - Video Content
  • - Website
  • - HubSpot
If you have...
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Winnie Anderson
Hi  Becca Manganello  ! I was going to chime in when I figured I better do a search first and lo and behold what I was going to suggest is already in here :-) 

One of the things I want to learn is Hubspot but I need a total intro to it. 

I generally learn tech fairly quickly but that hasn't been the case with Hubspot. So I'm excited to see there's help "getting started" that's already here. 

Once I dive deeper into the content I may come up with some ideas but I see you've got some really great feedback already.
Welcome to IMPACT+!
Please take a moment to introduce yourself to the community. Whether you just joined or you've been around for awhile, we want to get to know you!

Here's what we'd love to know:
  1. Where are you based?
  2. What's something outside work that you enjoy?
  3. What's your role and how's it going? Brag a little!
  4. Tell us a little about your company (no links please!)
  5. How did you learn about They Ask, You Answer and how's it going so...
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Winnie Anderson
  1. Where are you based? 📍
I live 7 miles north of Niagara Falls, NY; about 30 minutes north of Buffalo (we don't get Buffalo's weather by the way)

2. What's something outside work that you enjoy?  😊
I love to garden and work in the yard. I love to watch birds and play with my cats. I'm also a classic movie fan.

3. What's your role and how's it going? Brag a little! 📣
I'm a freelancer/consultant (positioning/content) and I wish I had something to brag about.

4. Tell us a little about your company (no links please!) 🖥️
My company is just me but I work with friends when I need to (graphic designers, web developers, etc.)

I specialize in working with service businesses and the first third of my career was in HR so I'd love to transition into applicant/candidate experience and helping HR/Talent Acquisition departments use content to attract great applicants and support the applicant/candidate journey.

5. How did you learn about They Ask, You Answer and how's it going so far? 📘
I learned about TAYA by seeing Marcus on some Hubspot videos and wanting to know more about him and what he was talking about so I looked him up and found Impact. Honestly, it's going slowly (in terms of getting clients and work)
If you’ve been doing They Ask, You Answer for more than 6 months, what do you wish you knew when you started that you know now?
If you are new to They Ask, You Answer, what are you curious about in the process?This is one of my favorite questions to ask people when I start something they've done before. Obviously we don't want to make mistakes or waste time and one of the best ways to ensure this is to learn from those who have gone before...
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Winnie Anderson
Stephanie Baiocchi I agree with  Dale Pease . I want to be able to recommend Hubspot but I don't even know how to use it myself. And I've tried. 

I think it -- along with Google Analytics -- is important in theory but how to help clients get started. And then there's the concern that they will need to move their site to Hubspot when maybe that's not really what they want to least right now. That just sounds so big, heavy, and hard to me. 

I've done site rebuilds with clients and there are just SO many details that moving to a new platform (off of Wordpress for example) would make it even more complex. I can just imagine the clients saying no. 
We know it has a few kinks to work through but holy moly. This will be revolutionary.How do you think this new capability will change the landscape of our workforce in the future, if any?
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Winnie Anderson
I think initially there will be a lot of suspicion about it and belief that it's somehow "cheating" if you use a tool like ChatGPT (I just discovered Canva has a built in tool!)

I think there's this assumption that it can spit out whole, fully formed articles or content pieces without much effort on the part of the user when that's not true. 

I think it's also yet more evidence of the importance of staying up to date on and comfortable with adapting to technology while also needing an underlying skill set to make it work correctly.  

By "skill set" I'm talking about things like being able to create good prompts, including giving the bot context about the subject...being able to react and respond to what's shared...editing...fact-checking....there are probably more. 

Looking at a beautiful cloud formation calms my soul. The week has been super busy, but this view is all it takes.

It takes my breath away.

What do you do to decompress from the week?

Taken with my Cannon on the back porch.
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Winnie Anderson
Playing with my cats. 

Watching the mighty Niagara River (especially while sitting on a swing and eating ice cream)

Crossing the bridge from PA into NJ and seeing the sign for home at the first exit.

Pulling into the driveway after a long trip.
As a loyal member of the Toyota community, it is like an unspoken agreement that my children will own and drive a Toyota, my grandchildren potentially, and who knows my great, greats. But, when deciding what vehicle has my mind and heart, Toyota leads the pack, and here is why.
  • The vehicle safety features protect my family (This is major for me)
  • My most recent purchase was in March 2019; it has needed no significant repairs. (Protects my...
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Winnie Anderson
A great question, and I highly recommend the book Married to the Brand. It explains the psychology behind deep customer loyalty and how to create and keep it. 

I think it's an alignment of clarity, consistency, value, and values.

And that alignment piece is critical.

We buy and stick with a brand because we feel and find that it consistently delivers on its promise of value. 

If a brand lets us down, we may or may not permanently break up with them. 

For example, I was having company over on summer Saturday and had planned to make a pie. The recipe called for a prepared graham cracker crust and the pie needed to be frozen for a few hours prior to serving.

When I went to make the pie, I opened the crust to find that it was defective. Although it looked like a fully formed crust, there wasn't enough butter in the crust to get it to stick together in the manufacturing process.

I was irritated. Thankfully I had time to come up with another dessert but I was pissed off for a variety of reasons.

It took me quite a while to trust the brand again. 

Life is hard enough to then have to deal with that sort of annoyance.

Consumers expect top performance from a service or a product 100% of the time. Yes, in the moment the company (actually it's employees) can save the day with some sort of appropriate service recovery but sometimes they can't.

Reliability is the heart of consistency. 

We bought a Toyota and had a horrible experience with it. The dealer didn't seem to care that we were unhappy but the experience was so bad that no matter how many friends and family have had positive experiences we'll never buy from nor lease a Toyota again.

I'm a Honda person and part of that is because I believe my first Honda helped save my life in a terrible crash. 

As for values...they're woven into a purchase and repeat business. 

Honda for example tics all my boxes -- safety, reliability, good gas mileage. And while I wouldn't buy from the same dealer again, the car is so reliable I'll still buy the brand again if and when it's time (this is my third one!)

But I've stopped doing business with a company when I've discovered their values are out of alignment with mine and out of alignment with what they state are their values.

I once cancelled a gym membership after belonging there for several years. I discovered the manager/owner treated the personal trainers badly. 

I'm not going to give my money to a company that mistreats its people. That's a value I won't compromise on.

I'm making the shift from marketing and sales strategy and content back to my first love -- recruiting and organizational development.

My intention is to use TAYA strategies to help companies attract, engage, delight, and retain great team members.

I was inspired by a post I saw and decided to (finally) create content that shared my POV.

I'd love to get some engagement (and feedback) so I thought I'd share the link here. And then I thought we...
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I'm in a communication workshop designed to help us become more influential and compelling communicators.The instructor recommended a book that I'm now recommending to you :-)The Human Element: Overcoming the Resistance That Awaits New Ideas is sure to become a classic.It explains the "four frictions" that operate against every innovative idea, product, or service, and how to overcome them.As soon as you start reading it, you'll be nodding...
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I'm sure we've all thought twice about Marcus' encouragement to talk about our company's (or clients') problems and elephants in the room.

This is an example of how it can even work for animals.
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Hey there, I hope this is the right place to post this question.I want to improve my LI profile because I want to position myself as a recruitment marketing/employer branding professional.My HR experience is over 10 years ago and someone had recommended I take it off of my LI profile because it makes me look old.My current work history is all centered on branding and content writing.I have good accomplishments in my branding experience but I...
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Hi. I wasn't sure where to post this and share the link because it touches on so many things.

I was working on a white paper about the buying journey to make a case for what I call pre-selling. (This is why I'm so in love with fits perfectly with my approach)

I was doing some research looking for things to back up some of my claims and came across this article by Gartner (a big consulting company).

They study trends of course and...
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The cover story in a recent issue of Buffalo Business First was "Buffalo's Real Gen Z Problem".Inside there are a series of articles discussing the wants of Gen Z and the challenges of recruiting and retaining them.One important point is that surveys show pay is their prime motivator -- by 20 percentage points over the next important factor.And this generation is smart enough to understand that compensation is more than just money in their...
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I'm about 3 chapters in to the book Candidate Experience: How to improve talent acquisition to drive business performance. It's by Kevin Grossman (who I reported to when I freelanced for an agency he helped manage). Kevin is the president of The Talent Board. That's an organization that surveys Candidate Experience (CE), studies best practices, and helps employers to improve from applicant attraction through to onboarding of new hires.It's a...
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Hey coaches :)I'd love to hear from you this week...What’s a question you’ve been asked that truly helped you to think differently about something and change your perspective?



PS. If you'd like a weekly letter and more coaching resources/tips from me, go ahead and subscribe to my weekly letter that lands in your inbox every Thursday.
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Winnie Anderson
I was very fortunate to work with peers who challenged your thinking and helped each other to think through a problem from all sides.

So a question I've been asked that helped me think differently was to the effect of "what's the other person's side of that?" 

We would examine a problem from the viewpoint of management, the overall company, each employee involved, and then the general employee population (who watch how problems are handled and then discuss it amongst themselves).

Having these sort of challenging, rich discussions helped each of us develop our strategic thinking and problem solving ability. It helped prepare us for additional career opportunities inside (and outside) the organization. 

I think it's one of the greatest, easiest techniques for developing staff.
I stumbled on this article and wanted to share it in case others are interested in focusing TAYA on the candidate/employee experience.

The survey was conducted by the Ken Blanchard organization.

The top 4 challenges are:
1. Capacity and Resources - specifically the challenge to continue to learn while struggling to get stuff done

2. Retention and Attrition -- 75% believe it will be harder to hire great people and 79% believe they're going to...
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So proud of myself for giving Vidyard a try.When I watched the replay the video and voice appeared out of sync. Has anyone else had this problem? Could it be because I have a squillion tabs open or is it something I've missed in the settings?
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Did you know that using content as part of your sales process typically improves close rates between 6-20%?(see ref in comments)That means if you talk to 100 qualified leads that you could get 12 more closes on average!! Ummm, yes please.Anything that gives me that kind of lift is going on my "have to figure this out" list.So here is the layout of how to get started:1. List the top 5 questions people have when they get on the phone with...
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Winnie Anderson
Great insight! 

Maybe add a case study that's relevant to them? Something that shows a similar business and how they were helped by you/your solution?