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Hey HubSpotters,Are you working on cleaning up your workflows this week?
A little something the HubSquad (HubSpot Trainer Team at IMPACT) noticed about the new clean up workflows feature:The clean up suggestions are based on very generic requirements, and could cause problems with your workflows if not properly investigated. Example: You have a workflow with multiple branches. Each branch accomplishes very different tasks/activities. You...
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Hi everyone - question on tracking customer projects within a closed/won Hubspot deal (against a bucket of hours)
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Will Smith
Hey  Matt Sodnicar

Zero dollar amounts for deals are currently not possible in HubSpot. (upvote the idea in the community here).

It sounds like your goal is to use Sequences and Campaigns that are possibly triggered by a deal event, such as reaching a certain stage. My interpretation is that sequences and campaigns are generally associated with a specific contact or company, as you are sending marketing assets/materials to a person who works at a specific company. I may need more context here, but using a deal may not be the best approach, rather, using the association with a contact and a company to enroll in sequences and use campaigns to track progress. 

If you're looking to track the amount of points or hours to be displayed on a deal, creating a custom property would be the best way to go. This would then be trackable whenever it is adjusted or changed in the contact or company activity timeline. 
Hey HubSpotters,Let's work smarter, not harder and help each other get the most out of ChatSpot.Please include your favorite ChatSpot Prompts that help you be a better HubSpotter in this list. We started it for you using the suggested prompts currently found in ChatSpot.Continue the list by adding your best prompts you've discovered, tested out, and found helpful. Thanks all!
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Hey HubSpotters,What are you working on this week?
  • Excited for Dharmesh Shah's ChatSpot Alpha 2 updated release today?
  • Are you looking forward to ChatGPT-4 - where you can use photos and videos as inputs and outputs?
  • Looking for an incredible list of AI tools? (try https://theaiexchange.com/)
  • Something not AI related?
If you need help...let us know in the comments.If you discovered something new, different or an amazing workaround in...
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Hey HubSpotters,What are you working on this week?
  • For those of you on HubSpot Enterprise, is this the week you do a deep dive into Customer Journey Analytics?
  • Maybe you're adding a little color to your deal board with the new Colored Deal Tags BETA?
  • Getting more done with the Resolvable Comments BETA?
  • Are you stuck on something and need another HubSpot Admin to take a look? (this group is full of super-smart people - just ask!)
  • Are you...
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Hey HubSpotters,

Quick question for you (answer in the comments):

How do YOU keep up with HubSpot?
  • Are you following Kyle Jepson on LinkedIn, or his newly created account "HubSpot Tips and Tricks"? (the one with the giant orange hat!)
  • Do you regularly carve out time to take or re-take HubSpot Academy Certifications?
  • Are you enrolled in multiple betas that test the boundaries of your HubSpot portal?
  • Groups? Please specify which ones and...
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I love a good segmented list!Sending the right email, to the right group of people at the right time is a beautiful thing. HubSpot lists help you do this better AND now, with a few updates to the list tool in your HubSpot portal, you can be a list pro in no time.
  • Got an active list that is no longer "active"? For example: a form that no longer exists or has been adjusted on your landing page. You still want to keep the list, but it doesn't...
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Are you onboarding your team to HubSpot?

Save yourself time and be at peace knowing that everyone on their respective teams has the same setup by using HubSpot's Presets and Notification Profiles.

These features in HubSpot are now live in Public Beta - you will need to opt into them. Here is how to opt into public betas:

1. Go to your account menu and in the drop down, select product updates. 2. In the left side menu, under Early Access,...
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As we enter the new year, you probably have big goals in place for success. I know I do. Whether it's publishing those 3 articles per week or finally getting your sales team on camera, it takes commitment and dedication to reach those goals. That means doing the work every day.

Hopefully you're coming back to work today feeling refreshed and energized but let's be honest - it still gets dark early, we're all still dragging a little from the...
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Will Smith
To stay focused on the task at hand, I use a MAC-only app called Session

The app is centered around a Pomodoro timer that can be adjusted to suit the task you're looking to accomplish. When you start a focused session, you can set up the app to automatically block distracting apps and specific websites, to help you avoid checking Twitter or LinkedIn while you're in focus mode. At the end of your focus session, the app will ask you to quickly rate how you think you did before logging the time. This helps you review your focused progress, evaluate how you did and adjust accordingly. Seeing these analytics helped me improve how I focus while getting more done at the same time. Truly a game-changing app!
The deal and ticket creation "form" within HubSpot has been getting a lot of helpful TLC lately.When creating a deal or a ticket, the latest HubSpot product updates now give you the power to:
  • Change the required properties based on deal stage.
  • Require contact or company associations.
  • Add pipeline logic.

By adding pipeline logic, HubSpot will adapt your deal or ticket creation form to show (and require, if you choose) specific properties...
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HubSpot non-admins can now view, copy, share and even clone team members meeting links without requesting permission from a Super Admin.

If you are a HubSpot Admin, you can now grant permission to allow users to create scheduling pages for other people. Go to Settings > Users and Teams > Select User > Sales Access > Create Scheduling Pages for others (turn this on).

Here's a little demo from our pal Kyle Jepson, Senior Inbound...
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Alternate title: Email personalization is more than simply checking a box.Each of us is a unique individual with specific likes, dislikes, tastes, preferences and life experiences. We can agree that individually, we would prefer to be treated this way rather than being lumped together with the masses.Then why are so many marketing emails sent to 1,000s of people, without considering the person when it comes to personalization? My theory is...
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Hey HubSpot Community Thread!

We are new to HubSpot CRM and are looking for the best solution that will fit our Sales needs AND the rest of the business operations when it comes to VOIP Phone Service.

Does anyone have any recommendations that will allow a business to continue to use VOIP Desktop Phones (Polycom or other) while integrating with HubSpot? We are looking for options that are NOT Softphone only. Thanks so much!BestAlex M.
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Will Smith
Hey Alex, 

Organizations I've worked with have found success with AirCall and CallRail.

AirCall is pretty popular for ease of use and quick integration while CallRail may take a little time to set up exactly how you want it to work.

There are plenty of others out there on the HubSpot marketplace that vary in features and monthly price. Plus, there's always a few "unofficial" integrations that haven't made it to the HubSpot Marketplace just yet, but will still integrate. With a little research and possibly a few free trials, I'm sure you'll find something that will work best for you and your organization. Good luck!
Does your website have a chatbot?

Is it like every other chatbot that asks "Need help? I'm here if you need me", followed by a wide open text field.

I can hear it now: "but Will, I hate chatbots...they're terrible". Yes, there are a lot of bad chatbots out there, which is why a good chatbot that provides value is a huge opportunity.

Remember the last time you visited a website for the first time? You didn't know the structure, the page...
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One of the more overlooked and powerful features of HubSpot is the ability to easily run A/B tests.In HubSpot, you can run A/B tests on:
  • Marketing Emails
  • Call-To-Action (CTAs)
  • Landing Pages
  • Website Pages
Most marketers, (if they run A/B tests) choose the email route, opting not to mess with the website. While it is less stressful to play it safe, HubSpot makes it easy A/B test three (yes, three!) different aspects of your website.

Why is...
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Today, I got this text from my 17 year old son, Rob. (The school name has been blurred out to protect the guilty)

The Smith family has seen a lot of college recruiting emails.I have 3 kids. A sophomore already in college, a senior and a junior in high school. We've all seen plenty of college recruiting emails, most are pretty forgettable.But which emails stand out? Simply put, the ones that are on opposite ends of the quality email spectrum....
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Perhaps the most underutilized tool in every HubSpot portal is the HubSpot Project Tool.What can you do with the HubSpot project tool? Quite a bit:
  • Create your own projects and project templates.
  • Utilize a library of project templates designed by HubSpot.
  • Assign specific tasks and due dates to specific team members.
  • Collaborate and discuss tasks with team members.
  • Provide task details with screenshots, pictures, videos and links.
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Sales call no shows?Have you recently been ghosted by a "hot" SQL?Your sales qualified lead may have been hit by the silent competitor, leaving you wondering - what happened?When I work with teams that are not using HubSpot but are considering making a platform change, I keep the silent competitor in mind.There are plenty of other CRMs out there, making the silent competitor sneaky and easily overlooked.Who is the silent competitor?Status...
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4:30 PM Friday afternoon.

For many sales leaders I’ve worked with, they dread this time of the week.

The sales team is ready for the weekend. Zero calls are being made. No appointments are being held. The sales engine is limping to the end of the week.

Rather than re-organizing your paperclips by color, take this time to set up a Monday morning task queue in HubSpot. This will help you hit the ground running on Monday morning and set yourself...
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Every HubSpot portal (including free portals) has at least one sales pipeline. Setting up your sales pipeline to represent your typical buyer journey is one of the best (and first things) you should do in your HubSpot portal.For your business, you may need more than one pipeline. Depending on your HubSpot Sales Hub subscription, you have more pipelines to work with:
  • Sales Hub Starter - 2 total
  • Sales Hub Pro - 15 total
  • Sales Hub Enterprise -...
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