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I've heard A LOT of clever buy-in tactics from leaders trying to "earn" their sales teams' attention.

What is ONE THING you've done that successfully earned more sales team buy-in? See More
Friends - we're getting ready to take the plunge and hire and on-staff videographer. For those of you that have one, what advice do you have? What do you know now that you wish you knew when hiring? How many videos is that person producing in a given week? THANK YOU! See More
Will Schultz
Great questions, Kaitlyn Pintarich !

First, I recommend hiring this video person based almost entirely on their "soft skills", and I have a couple of pieces for you to check out that will give you clear direction:

When Hiring for a Videographer, Look for 'Soft Skills'
How to Manage an in-house Videographer

Remember, they're not just the videographer of your company, they're the video educator and advocate. That requires A LOT more than just being a wicked fast editor.

The questions you should be asking yourself while hiring:

Will they make the people they'll be spending time with comfortable and excited about video?
Are they dependable and trainable?
Are they going to be able to help the team buy into the purpose for their role?
Are they organized and process-driven?

And for your final question, you should stick to the clear performance metric (put it on the job application) of 2 videos per week to be produced and published during the first 2-3 months, and then 3 videos per week after finding the rhythm. 

That's a case study-esque videographer right there.
Hey Y'all,

I'm got something truly exciting for you today, and it's all in this 5 minute video:
Assignment Selling Content - Win a $50 Gift Card!
That's right, I'm giving away two $50 gift cards to the best examples of Assignment Selling across all the clients we're working with here at IMPACT.

This is for sales, marketing and leadership teams to get involved in, and the competition is going to be set high!

Here are the details:

Send your Assignment Selling examples to cmarr@impactbnd.com Place 'Assignment Selling Contest' into the subject line Deadline: EOD on 30th September Winners announced: 9th October
What is Chris looking for?
When you send me your examples I'll be looking at:

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Will Schultz
My hope is that AES can use their new videos in a way that would fit this description....  Bri Stauffer   Christiaan Filoon ...... Or maybe  Sean Horsfall will have a story? Last but not least, how about  Daniel Rosbottom and  Kyle Wertz  push this to the WS Tyler team! Godspeed to you all.
Hey all!

I've been helping a ton of clients build out their first list of Selling Seven videos that they plan to add to their website, and it's a fun but frustrating conversation to start because it ALWAYS leads to bigger conversations beyond just video....

We go from having a "What videos should we add to our website?" conversation, to a "How do I want people to actually navigate through my website and what pages or pieces of content are currently missing that many people need before they'll actually reach out?"....... Which is SUCH a bigger conversation than video, but it's tied directly to the strategy of website videos.

I've found that many people have not ever viewed their website as an intentional path or an experience, but instead... See More
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Will Schultz
Hello, Peg! :)

We have a ton of resources that will help you do exactly this! Unfortunately, the strategy will have to be broken down by the three different pillars of sales & marketing videos....

  1. Big 5 Videos: Easily searchable videos, living on both YouTube and your website’s learning center, that address EVERY question/concern that prospects have about your industry, business, and/or offerings. Their purpose is to drive more traffic to your website.

  1. Selling Seven Videos: Website Videos that live on specific webpages in order to optimally funnel traffic down the right path of your website, transforming your site from an “explore as you wish” marketing tool, to a powerful, intentional sales path. Their purpose is to optimize the conversion of website traffic into sales/conversations.

  2. Assignment Selling Videos: Videos that prospect- & client-facing team members send via email at specific touchpoints through the pre- & post-sales process. Their purpose is to close existing sales conversations faster and more often.

The place that we almost always start our strategy with clients is with Selling Seven videos. Why? Because you don't want to drive traffic to a website that doesn't nurture them properly.

I would start by checking out my course on Selling Seven Mastery, because it will help you to build a framework for the videos that need to be created for your website.

Once you watch that, you'll be ready to start making your own framework of videos to be added to your site - I discuss what these look like and give a few examples in this discussion thread, feel free to drop your framework-specific questions there!

Would love for you to share with what you come up with! My guess is that this first phase of the video strategy will keep you busy for months! When you're ready to talk about the next phase of the video strategy, we'll be here :)
In Will’s awesome fundamentals video, he suggests downloading the Content Home Base File and using the Content Matrix. Does anyone have these tools? If so, please email to me at larry@baronpayroll.com - Thanks very much! See More
Will Schultz
Hey  Larry Kagan - the resources for courses will always be listed in the "Current Lesson" section below the video that's playing. Here is the link to the Content Home Base :)