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Has everyone seen the update Google rolled out to desktop search pages earlier this month? For a while now mobile has been a continuous scroll experience, but desktop stayed locked into 10 result pages.

Now they’ve pushed that update to desktop results as well. Meaning, instead of clicking to page 2 after ten results… you’ll just scroll on down.

So what?

This small update could potentially drive some big changes for folks stuck at the...
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There are hundreds of tools out there that can give you different user behavior data, and each have a different subset of features like click mapping, scroll mapping, different survey options, and much more.
I'm a huge fan of Lucky Orange for a few reasons - the biggest being the "Top 10" feature that immediately highlights, and exports, the most interacted areas of any web page. It's been a big help in expediting user journey improvements....
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This year, Google has given us two core algorithm updates, two product review updates, a helpful content update, and a desktop page experience update.

It's been a particularly crazy year on Google results pages. Has anyone noticed increases or decreases in their organic traffic or rankings on SERPs this year?

Btw, if you'd like to keep track of these updates, here's a great resource.
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Vin Gaeta
I find it interesting that this update was around Spam Policies ( and seems to build off the Helpful Content update. 
Brandon Hafeli and the Bill Ragan Roofing team are CRUSHING it with video content!

Brandon sent this recap video over to me showing the wins and trends they're seeing in the early stages of their video journey and I couldn't be more impressed.

Views are starting to build and the CTA rates really tell the story of how valuable this content is. That hockey stick growth is coming up quickly.Way to go Bill Ragan Roofing team, keep up the...
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Vin Gaeta
Brandon Hafeli   Awesome job with this! Excited to see where y'all are at this time next year. Onward and upward!!! 
Happy Monday IMPACT Plus!

Curious as to what everyone is reading/just finished. I'm about to wrap up Exponential Organizations by Salim Ismail and just started Think Again by Adam Grant.

One of my favorite takeaways from EO is that the "half-life" of a learned skill used to be 30 years, but that has been reduced to 5 years with the rapid pace of learning in today's world.

So, I'm curious... What are you reading and what are your current...
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Tickets are now available for Digital Sales & Marketing World 2021!

Join us for the ultimate They Ask, You Answer experience LIVE in Hartford, CT on October 5-6.

With speakers including Marcus Sheridan , Donald Miller, Robbie Kellman Baxter, Donald Kelly, Tyler Lessard , Liz Murphy , Zach Basner and more, it's going to be where all marketers, sales pros, and business leaders go to master inbound marketing with They Ask, You Answer.

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Vin Gaeta
Cannot wait to hang with y'all... IN PERSON! 
We have been in business for over 25 years, and have 50 franchises across the country. The problem, frankly, is out of those 50 franchises, only a handful are operating where they should be. We are working on that (using a lot of what I am learning here.) But, we are starting to think about selling more franchises again (we pretty much stopped selling locations 10-15 years ago.) But, one of the big things we want to do is learn how to find...
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Vin Gaeta
Tom beat me to the punch! I was thinking about SONIC as well. 

To his point about the application process, I would actually use some assignment selling and give them lots of educational material to review before moving them further. If they don't want to review the material in a timely fashion they may not be the right fit for you. 

As you vet these potential franchises, what questions are you asking/could you ask to ensure they're in the growth mindset, are excited about growing a franchise for y'all, and want to learn how you've been successful. For me, if I wasn't confident in those they may not be a fit for the new program it sounds like y'all are using. 
Hi, we are planning to change our domain name: We started as a PR Agency, but since 7 years we are a pure Inbound Agency.

We think of A bit long but nothing else is available.

What has been the experience of Impact to switch from impactbnd to impactplus. On ahrefs I see quite drop in traffic, but ahrefs is not always right ;)

What would you do?

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Vin Gaeta
Hey Martin Bredl

Definitely a great question - we did take a traffic hit, which was expected as Google figures out where the brand authority should transition. 

The biggest part is making sure that you have your 301s in place, that you notify Google of the change, and that all links on the site get updated to the proper new domain. 

There's definitely some deeper things but at a high level that's the basics. 

We've also been closely monitoring the backlinks and making sure that all the most important pages are getting the right traffic back.

Typically it takes 3-6 months for the keyword / domain authority to fully transition over, which is what we're seeing now as we start climing back traffic-wise. 

Let me know if you have any other questions! 

Hey everyone!

We've started using ClickUp here at IMPACT, and we're also fans of Trello. What do you use to get your work done and make sure nothing falls through the cracks?Thanks!
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Vin Gaeta
I've recently fallen in love with for my notes/personal organization - it's been great and much better than Evernote IMO. 
I'd love to know what books everyone is reading, even if they aren't super business-y!
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Vin Gaeta
Wrapped up Radical Candor a week or so ago and got The Experience Economy by Joesph Pine and James Gilmore delivered - excited to dive in. 
I’m looking to create some first-time branding assets for my video launch. My target audience is business owners. I’m Looking for a suggestion or two of exactly what package I should buy on Videohive or RocketStock to get started with assets to use with Premiere Pro. I’m looking for a logo bumper and intro, lower third graphic, segment title overlays and full sentence takeaway statements.
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Vin Gaeta
Hey Larry Kagan

Like Connor mentioned, we've had a lot of success using Envato Elements for Premiere Pro and After Effects. The plan is pretty dang affordable if you plan on using a few different packages over time. 

Most of them come with easy to use settings so it's quick to drop them in and start creating. 

Did you have a specific reason for wanting to use VideoHive or RocketStock? I'm sure their templates are similar - I just haven't used them personally.