Unlocking Revenue Growth Through Authority-Building Marketing /// Fractional Marketing Director & HubSpot Consultant /// "They Ask, You Answer" Certified Coach /// Digital Marketing Manager at EcoAct

Joined July 2022


At the heart of my career lies a deep-seated passion for content marketing—not just as a discipline but as a vehicle for transformation. Over the years, I've harnessed the incredible potential of content marketing to build trust and drive self-qualified leads, empowering sales and marketing teams alike, building unshakeable trust with audiences and ultimately unlocking growth opportunities for businesses around the world.

As a Fractional Marketing Consultant, I wear multiple hats, whether it’s providing strategic direction, HubSpot implementation, or guiding in-house teams through the principles of They Ask, You Answer. 

My approach is results-driven, measurable, and always tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities each client faces. The evolution of digital marketing is ceaseless, but my adaptability ensures strategies that not only respond to the present but anticipate the future.

In addition to my freelance endeavours, I’m also Digital Marketing Manager at EcoAct, an international climate consultancy. My role involves managing marketing platforms and channels, optimising digital content, and generating leads for sales teams.

I excel as a forward-thinking leader in digital marketing, adept at orchestrating in-house teams and collaborating with partners to optimise campaigns. My adaptability thrives in the ever-changing digital landscape, consistently yielding exceptional results. I pride myself on being an elite communicator, dedicated to nurturing productive client and stakeholder relationships through effective collaboration.

Finally, I’m the author of The Marketing BLUEPRINT™. This content marketing framework is a roadmap I've designed to guide businesses in creating a marketing plan. It's about doing things in the right order, whilst keeping things measurable, achievable, and, most importantly, results driven. I'm currently expanding this into a full book to publish in the future. For more on this, check out the "Featured" section of my profile to download a copy.

Oh, and here's a little insider tidbit: I'm not just about marketing strategy; I also happen to be a "retired" musician!

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