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👋🏻 VP of Product & Partner at IMPACT | Product strategy & design during the week... 🏎 BMW & 📸 Fujifilm on the weekends.

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May 2010 - Present
Tom DiScipio leads the product team responsible for the design and engineering of IMPACT+: IMPACT's online learning community dedicated to educating marketers, salespeople and business leaders on achieving digital sales and marketing mastery within their organizations.
Hey Impact,Do you or anyone else have a simple TAYA video planner?Something similar to the TAYA content plan? Or should we use the same?My reasoning is that we need to make sure we plan the video content and make sure that it's relevant to the audience.Thanks!Daryl M.
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Tom DiScipio
Great question  Daryl Michel !

Tagging  Lindsey Auten   Will Schultz   Zach Basner here for their expertise!
This morning in our IMPACT Slack, Connor DeLaney posted a great question and as soon as the responses started rolling in I knew we should all weigh in here in IMPACT+!

He said: What are some great quotes you live by, enjoy, or have written on your wall? Or, what’s a great spot you find quotes you love? I’m building up a list and looking for some inspiration.

Some great responses off the bat included...

John Becker shared his favorite:
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Tom DiScipio
I'll go!

These are definitely more on the professional side, but they've stuck with me since the day I heard them, and have helped me tremendously throughout my career.

The first is from the one and only Jack Carroll !
"The art of salesmanship is the absence of salesmanship."

And one from Dharmesh Shah...
"Success is making those who believed in you look brilliant."
As we enter the new year, you probably have big goals in place for success. I know I do. Whether it's publishing those 3 articles per week or finally getting your sales team on camera, it takes commitment and dedication to reach those goals. That means doing the work every day.

Hopefully you're coming back to work today feeling refreshed and energized but let's be honest - it still gets dark early, we're all still dragging a little from the...
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Tom DiScipio
I use a bunch of digital tools to keep track of all the stuff going on during the day/week... but truth be told... the thing that holds the most weight and accountability for me is...

My handy-dandy notebook! 📓

Call me old school... I've found that if I'm physically writing something down, it is of the highest priority, and gets constant visual attention sitting in front of me on my desk. Even if they're repetitive things, if I need to hold myself accountable to it, it's getting written down.

And  Stephanie Baiocchi  - You know I've also got the vibe music on in the background too 😄.
We have started incorporating graphics into all of our videos and have seen a dramatic increase in sales right after the client watches the video. This video got this vendor to send multiple deals to him. What graphics are you guys including in your videos that have been helpful?
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Tom DiScipio
That's awesome,  Bryan Paulson !

Terrence Robinson Brown Austin Mock Megan Lang and  Alex Winter  - what have y'all seen?
Think back on your life and those moments when your heart rate went from rest…to…MAXIMUM beats per minute. The good ole “Fight or Flight” response. We’ve all been there.Looking back on those moments:
  • Would we have acted differently if we had a few moments to compose ourselves, and then act?
  • Did we really need to say that in heat of the moment? Ohhh, memories.

Now, hopefully, none of our coaching calls, sales calls, website throwdowns, or...
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Tom DiScipio
Such a great reminder on the importance of creating "space" to think instead of simply reacting, John Phelan .

I'm embarrassed to admit how many times I've missed the opportunity to do this... and I've seen the ADDITIONAL stress and lack of clarity it creates. I love that this tactic is designed to interrupt our natural human pattern.

Also... I can't wait to freak my wife out later when I put my finger up my nose haha!

What content could you create for your sales or post-sales process this week?
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Tom DiScipio
Dang... So many great lessons in here. 

"If something is valuable in your sales process, it's valuable on your website in the marketing process." - Will Schultz  
Hi - I'm wondering if anyone has an answer for creating a customer portal in HubSpot. I understand it would be a custom build but is the functionality even available in HubSpot. They would need to be able to create a login, have an account overview page, and a dashboard type page.
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Tom DiScipio
Hey Marcia Degnan .

I've got a few resources for ya!

  1. "Is the functionality even available in HubSpot?" - Yes it is. Check it out here.
  2. Check out HubSpot's Marketplace (they call it Ecosystem). I did a search for "Customer Portal" and it displayed a few results of pre-built tools that might get you what you're looking for.
  3.  Here's an external tool called Stacker that looks to allow you to build a customer portal within HubSpot
Hi all :)I've just started a business that I'm not sure how to create a price estimator for. To give a price range, I first need to do research and then walk the property to assess all the possible issues. I've been thinking as an alternative, I could offer a recommendation tool that helps people determine if they should even be talking to me or if they would benefit more from looking at other methods of selling their property. Any feedback...
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Tom DiScipio
Hey Caitlin Hunter - Congrats on starting up a new business!

If you haven't already, I'd also suggest checking out this course Self-Selection and the Touchless Buying Experience.
The Jolt Effect (Recommended by Jack Carroll)
Sales book of the year? Maybe of the decade. The Jolt Effect: How High Performers Overcome Customer Indecision by Matt Dixon (Creator & Author of The Challenger Sale)
Highlights and valuable insights from the book
  • 40 to 60% of all major sales opportunities are lost to “indecision.”
  • Why buyers fear decision making
  • How to uncover it without being offensive
  • How to create a safety net for them
  • ...
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Tom DiScipio
Appreciate the share,  Jack Carroll !

What I loved most about Challenger Sale was how data driven it was. Can't argue with the level of research he did in order to come to the conclusions described in the book. I think I read it 3 or 4 times. It sounds we'll see a similar approach in the Jolt Effect as well.

Adding this to my reading list. 

Greetings fellow IMPACT+ fam!

I am hoping that today finds all of you well. I just wanted to stop by and and ask, who here is into video games?

I have been a die hard fan of gaming since the age of 8. One of my major bucket list items was to someday create my own video game.

And, I just published it on last week!

What is really cool about this video game however, is not its present, but its past... You see the video game was a...
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Tom DiScipio
You're always doing the coolest stuff,  Nathan Dube !

With the number of leads you generated from the initial effort... it sounds like you've got a strategy here that works. Any plans for a follow-up game/campaign?

Joe Rinaldi and Connor DeLaney ... game on my friends!
Right now our pages are not getting indexed, or are getting indexed very slowly. What can we do to expedite this process?The Guardian is a well-known news publisher that gets indexed on Google the same or next day for every new page they make. We need help with a process to get indexed in a similar manner for our content marketing campaign.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance for all your help.
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Tom DiScipio
Man... What a great discussion topic Kyle Aken !

My personal knowledge on this is somewhat limited when it comes to understanding the "when" behind Google will do that, so I'm gonna pull in some experts here to see if they've got any thoughts for ya.

Kevin Church   Franco Valentino   PAUL Lovell  - Any feedback for Kyle on this one?
We need to create (basically from scratch) our Training manuals and SOPs for virtually every part of our business. What are you all using as software (prefer non-monthly fees) to build out these kinds of systems? We actually love the platform and usability of IMPACT+, especially for the training side of things. What is it built on? We do see doing a lot of video. And creating graphics, and maybe even some interactive VR (AR) type things....
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Tom DiScipio
Hey Dale Pease ! We use ClickUp as our organizational project management tool which houses many of our training and SOP docs. I say "many" because we still use Basecamp for some of that document management as well. ClickUp has a "Free Forever" plan and I'd HIGHLY recommend it. Happy to walk you through how we use if you're interested.

I'm also VERY happy to hear you're enjoying IMPACT+ (of course) 😀. Our product roadmap does include plans to develop a "Document & Files Storage" system within the application so you could store, manage, and share files with your team. We're still working on the timing for that, so stay tuned! I could eventually see that becoming a primary solution for ya down the road.

Hope this helps!
Hubspot's email segmentation and workflow is too expensive for me.What would be the best approach for drip campaigns?If I start an email campaign from another platform like Active Campaign, I'd like to see what emails were sent and clicked in the Hubspot platform.
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Tom DiScipio
Great question Shanequa Jones !

Tagging in some HubSpot experts here to see if they have any thoughts... Jessica Palmeri Hannah Claude Joe Bachir Carina Duffy Stephanie Baiocchi

Probably a good question for the HubSpot Community here in IMPACT+ as well!
It's be nice to be learning in this platform
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Tom DiScipio
Nice to have you here Gasser Amin ! Do you have any courses in mind that you're going to start watching? What are you most interested in learning??
Good afternoon!

I am working on a Cost of Inaction Calculator for higher education. Have any of you developed a similar tool for your companies/verticals? Specifically, my company works with colleges and universities to develop enrollment solutions. The purpose of this calculator is to help institutions understand that "doing nothing" also has a cost.I have a certain formula I'm using focusing on Net Tuition Revenue. Choosing to do nothing...
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Tom DiScipio
Hey Drew Griffin - glad you bring this up! It opens up a couple questions/thoughts for me as well...

First, do you typically discuss the cost of inaction during your sales calls with prospects? How does that go over with them? Does it consistently move them to action? This could be a good indication of how much time and effort should go into building it.

Second, I ask the above questions because I think it's important to consider where and how something like this would be used. In my mind, the prospect needs to know the exact problem that they have BEFORE they can understand how inaction affects them. And as I'm sure you've seen... not all prospects know what problem or need they have until they talk with a sales rep or advisor like you that can help them figure it out 🙂.

Therefore, I could see this tool being less of a lead generator and more of a middle to bottom of the funnel tool that can help prospects to make the decision to work with you. Perhaps that was your intended purpose already!

Finally, if the prospect will have direct access to this tool on your website, I'd say it's important to make sure the calculator doesn't feel "Gimmicky." The last thing we want is prospect using it and saying, "Yeah right... there's no way this could be true. It clearly doesn't relate in any way to MY business." I know I've had that experience with some ROI calculators out there... They need to see how their specific inputs can produce a realistic and believable output.

Hope this helps!
At IMPACT, one of our core values is “obsessed over learning.” We truly only want to surround ourselves with people who love to learn and want to make themselves better each and every day.

We believe that leaders are readers. In fact, we have a book club at IMPACT that pays employees up to a $100 bonus for each book they read.

Every new employee starting their career at IMPACT is required to read eight pre-selected books within their first few...
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Tom DiScipio
"Learning also means applying the concepts, strategies, or game plans in your work and in your life, getting better every single day."

Well said, Bob Ruffolo . This is a shift I've started to make at the end of last year. This year will be a commitment to implementation.  

Joe Rinaldi - we were JUST chatting about this topic :) 
Do you have an example of what you use to get a response from cold prospects that clicked on your meeting link but don't book?I would like to automate an email to them directly since they are likely the best unconverted opportunities we are getting right now.PS. I have watched trainings on how to optimize the meeting link landing pages and I've also thought about sending video 1:1 but I haven't had time to execute on that yet : )Jen
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Tom DiScipio
Jennifer Goode Hey Jen! Is it fair to assume that these folks haven't given you an email address yet?

If so, I'm thinking adding some sort of exit intent for the meeting page could be a strong way to reengage them. Reason being - it's possible that the only time available on your calendar may not be available on their calendar. And therefore, they exit the page.

I feel like the pop-up window could say something like, "Are you sure you want to leave this page without booking a meeting?" One button could say something like, "I couldn't find a time - let's chat." <---- This could perhaps have them enter their email address and say that someone will reach out to you with X minutes. And the other button could say "Yes I'm sure."

^That's not a perfect example, but it can help the prospect to rethink if they really want to give up on setting an appointment. And again, if you didn't have their email originally, could land you a new contact.

Now if you DID have their email... I'd have TOTALLY different thoughts lol...
Hey there Content peeps!

I'm excited to show off our brand-new Learning Center at E-N Computers:

We've had a "learning center" button on our menu bar since our website relaunch last year, but it was pretty terrible - basically just links to our blog archive and some other random pages. Our category/tag structure was a mess too, with tons of duplicates, meaningless categories, and everything else...
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Tom DiScipio
Blake Cormier You crushed it! I remember seeing the "before" version of this section, and what you've turned it into is really impressive. No shame in a little R&D (rip off and duplicate) from our friend ☒. He know's a thing or two about a thing or two :).

As you continue to iterate this section of your site, definitely consider bringing more of the resource content above or at the fold. This would help to create immediate clarity for new visitors that this is a resource section versus another type of page, and could also save the website visitor a few hundred pixels of scrolling.

Keep doin' what you're doin' man!
We are a piano lesson studio. And we have a quiz on our site as the main call to action. They take this quiz to see if they are ready for lessons. We email them their results and show them their results on the next screen.With this email we nurture them and send them email spread out over the next month.On the thank you page we offer them a free intro lesson.My question is should I have this quiz be gated at the end and allow them to go...
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Tom DiScipio
Hmm... this is a great question Demitris Maddox . Like Nick Bennett mentioned, you may have to test a few options.

It would be helpful to see the quiz on your website. Are you able to share it?

Given you shared that only a small number of people abandon the quiz at the email part after taking it, tells me that you're on the right track, and that you should keep the gating in place. It would also be good to look at the lead to customer conversion rate for the quiz. If that's high, it would be another indicator to keep doing what you're doing and attempt to drive more traffic to the quiz itself.

I always like sharing examples of others being successful in these areas. So I'll share one of the absolute BEST and most successful examples I've ever seen of a self-selection tool similar in concept to yours. It's HubSpot's Website Grader. I share this because they ask for the email up-front and in their early days as a company (maybe even still today), this was one of their top, qualified lead generators.
For content managers, how do you balance the thoroughness that Google likes to see with the scanability and brevity your sales team might want for assignment selling pieces? Can the same piece serve both ends?

I have my ideas, but I'd be interested in hearing yours!
Liz Murphy , Ramona Sukhraj , Nathan Dube , Bri Stauffer , Mark Wilson , Katie Martens , Betsy Francoeur , Jeremy Sutton , Paul D. Grant
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Tom DiScipio
Love what  Nathan Dube shared.

To expand... I would argue that it doesn't matter what the sales team or the search engines want. That should be secondary to producing content that will satisfy the needs of the prospect or buyer.

^Sales will appreciate it because buyers will come to conversations happier and more educated, and Google will appreciate it because you solved for the human.