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Content Strategist @ Veryable
Hey all!

I'm writing an article that will provide actionable steps for new Content Managers to take within their first 90 days in order to set themselves up for success (and wow their boss!).

What advice would you give to someone stepping into the Content Manager role at a new company?

Let me know, thanks!!

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Steven Calhoun
One big thing for me has been embracing the fact that I'm new to the company. It's a great excuse to ask as many questions as I need to drill down into concepts for articles. 

I'd say be curious for the customer's sake, and don't be afraid to lean on the experts in your company. The best articles I've written have come from discussions involving multiple coworkers, often all out in the open on a big email thread. Discussions like this reinforce the idea that content creation is a team effort. So stay consistent in asking questions and involving the experts as often as possible!
Think about the phrase, "If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life."

If you are passionate about your work, of course, you are going to work more, at least you are more likely to. If you aren't, you won't.

But can passionate workaholics be one in the same?

I feel I live as both here. While I'm extremely passionate about the work I do, I also find myself working a lot because of that.

At the end of the day, I'd argue that finding what motivates you or what you are passionate about will open the door to working more but will also allow you to enjoy doing it at the same time.

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Steven Calhoun
I think this is an important topic. For me, the passion for my work underscores the importance of listening to my mind and body for signs that I need a break. I want to be able to bring my best self when I work, and I know that if I'm pushing the limits, my work suffers for it. I agree that being passionate definitely makes it harder to slow down, because it sometimes doesn't feel as much like work, even if it is.