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Sales Rep near the end of a demo: "Based on all of this, I think you should buy. The price is ____"

Customer: "Yes, I see the benefit, but that's expensive"

Sales Rep: "I get it, that's a lot of money. How about this, you should read an article that explains the price, I will send it to you and we can get the price just right next time we meet, how about Tuesday at ____?

The problem? First, why are we waiting until the end to talk about the price? Second, if you already made that mistake, rather than sending an article to explain something, have a conversation with them right then and there. Ask questions, you may learn that price is only part of the issue or not a real problem at all. See More
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Even though it has changed, I would never say that cold-calling is dead. That being said, it's not as easy as "smile and dial"

As you can imagine, I get cold emails and LinkedIn messages ALL THE TIME. Of the hundreds I get, I can count on one hand the messages I have responded to or even engaged with.

Here are the things that immediately cause me to ignore sales emails:

1. A terrible subject line. This is the first (and often only) thing we see related to the email. How many times do we see subject lines like "Checking In," "_____ Opportunity," or even "[Comany name]." We have trained ourselves to ignore these. Take a look at your spam-filtered emails and the subject lines, this will be a list of great examples not to do.

2. It's all... See More
Alright, this is one of my favorite times of the year! Take some time, and send a personalized video to people with something specific you are thankful for about them. After you do this, comment below! Let's hear your story! See More
In this video, I share what I have seen personally as I applied TAYA in an outside role. This worked SO MUCH BETTER than cold calling.

Want to go more in-depth? Check out the Assignment Prospecting course! See More
I’m going to keep this answer short and sweet.

No, you do not.

There, I said it. And if you’re reading this, you have probably asked yourself the same question at some point.

Many people would argue that it is much easier to send a text, Slack or email message without video. So, let me try and build an argument against 1:1 personalized sales videos. Let me know how I did in the comments.

Nobody else is doing it
“It’s just not the done thing in my industry,” I heard somebody say the other day. How many of your competitors are using 1:1 sales videos?
If we do what everybody else is doing, we will be on par with industry standards. Most people are satisfied with being on par with everyone else.

It requires more effort When you’re a busy... See More
Stefan Christensen
So True! No you don't need to, but wow it makes an impact when done! 
"it is easier to act yourself into good thinking than it is to think yourself into good acting" - Unknown (maybe Bill Gove, but others have said it)

Stop overthinking things and take action. The future rewards those that act! See More
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When was the last 1:1 video fail you had?

Fun story - I send a video to a cold prospect with no sound... I had no clue until the customer emailed me back saying "I couldn't hear anything in your video, let's hop on a call".. so was it a fail or a win? See More
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I would love to hear some thoughts on this! With my training clients, I ask when we should always be sending a video (an essential question to ask). Also, if we overdo it we may see diminishing returns. The more videos a single client gets throughout the process, the less likely they are to watch all of them. So, when should we not send a 1:1 video? What action would get better results? See More