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Hello, all.

Our company needs a trusted tech professional who can help with our domain setup. We need help with setting up DMARC and SPF properly. We have MX toolbox and Godaddy access.

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Hi Mary, 

I'd love to get you in contact with the person running our IT services. 
He's amazing at what he does. You'd enjoy working with him. 
If you like to do fx first like color correction, you can totally do that and get those all set before continuing on to do the actual edit - and to make sure you aren't slowing down the playback, you can toggle all those fx on and off easily (including cc on master channels)...
Did I know this neat little trick before last week? no thought I'd share in case anyone else could use it! (More to come I'm sure)

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Creating proxies changed my life when editing. †he lagging while moving the playhead always made me thought I'd need a $10,000 computer to be able to edit smoothly but proxies made a huge difference