Sharon Warttig

Joined December 2020


Helping clients communicate their unique value proposition through web presence. For those that need a website and don’t know what to do or where to start... and for those who already have a website but want it to perform better than it currently is, I break web design and development projects into digestible phases of work that help your vision come to life.  

When I am not acting as a guide, I am an Avid fitness enthusiast who loves to travel, ski, play piano, attend concerts and festivals, and cook. 
Many of us have read lots of books throughout our careers, but I'm sure we all have that one book we always think of and recommend. What's that book for you?
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Sharon Warttig
So many books to list here that helped me professionally and personally through the years. The few that stand out are:

Limitless by Jim Kwik:

Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachael Hollis:

Tools of Titans, by Tim Ferriss: