Ryan Litwiller

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Ryan Litwiller
Chris Carolan , very exciting times! My journey was much different as we first got a content manager then much later added video, etc. We had consulting with The Sales Lion (before they merged with Impact) so that really gave us a roadmap and kept us on track as we were getting started. I can see the challenge with having an entire new team at the same time, though.

I'm on boarding 2 new employees on our marketing team next week and just put together a 30 day road map a few days ago. I've never done anything like this before, but I've set it up almost like a mix between a school and a scrum session (besides normal orientation type activities).

We will meet on Monday and discuss the week and the training and tasks for the week. We will then have "office hours" throughout the week where anyone can get more 1:1 time or ask certain questions, etc. Also throughout the week I have planned out one or two mini trainings on certain topics that are important. Then on Friday we are going to recap the week as a group, talk about what we learned, answer more questions, etc. This will all be worked around the regular orientation tasks and smaller work projects, but by the end of the month they will have hopefully absorbed a lot, completed real work, and collaborated with the team as well.

Good luck to you!