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Provide marketing that helps business leaders make the impact they want to see in the world

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Provide marketing that helps business leaders make the impact they want to see in the world
Hey, I'm a marketing manager about to embark on a more senior post (head of marketing) at an ecommerce agency. I would love to hear from seasoned agency leaders/marketers what you advise should be the key priorities/achievements in my first 100 days?

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Ruben Aguirre
Tom shared some amazing feedback. Not a lot that I would add to the list:

1. Once you've ID'd the top 3-5 metrics, refine that further and zero in on the single most important one of those in terms of energy/tracking/projects. Which of the 3-5 is your lead domino, focus on that one a lot.   

2. Focus focus focus your time and efforts on the things that'll move the needle, and remind the higher ups during your 1-1s that you're focusing on the few critical things. The more visionary the leadership, the more they need their team to remind them how what you are working on during the day to day is focused on the big picture they set. Otherwise, you'll constantly be starting over on a million things. The crazy leaders will blame you and churn you, the smart ones will at least admit to themselves that you're correct and tend to leave you alone so you can do your job. 
I've been hearing about a lot of businesses that once things start to open up post-pandemic, are transitioning their business to fully-remote permanently or a hybrid working model.

What are you doing?

Right now our plan is to bring everyone back over the summer and re-evaluate a hybrid model for the fall. Would love to hear what you all are doing! See More
Ruben Aguirre
We were already remote based pre-COVID, with coming into the office as optional for those that live within an hour. I normally ask new peeps to come in at least 3 days during their first month (if they live in town) so they can get acclimated more quickly, but I think that giving people the flexibility to choose, especially Millenials, buys a lot of good will with your team, and most of the time they end up wanting to come in for the community aspect. It's like when you were young and you missed your grandparents and wanted to see them but as soon as your parents imposed it on you, it robbed the joy of going to see Abue (short for abuelita, spanish for grandma). 

In working with clients who were in-office pre-COVID, it is a big mental shift to get used to because it feels like you're giving up some sort of control and that your staff won't be as efficient, but I believe the opposite happens. So for those team members who's homelife includes 7 kids under the age of 14, I HAVE TO leave, I mean, they have to leave their house to be effective and get anything done. They will be the first to take action before you even realize the storm at home didn't let them get any work done. 

If you treat them like adults, they will act like adults, and the ones who don't won't stick around for long, that's been my experience. 
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Ruben Aguirre
Bienvenida Liz! Soy Ruben Aguirre de la ciudad Chihuahua viviendo en los EEUU. 🙂
Here's a question for you: If a friend of yours owned a business, and asked you how to market themselves better post-pandemic, what tips would you give them? What do you feel like your business does really well that would help others? What do you need to do more of that would be helpful for your business? See More
Ruben Aguirre
I started answering, but the last question made me think this was a setup and now I don't want to look in the mirror at the friend :D 
As leaders of organizations, how do you create a culture that encourages learning and professional development? I know now more than ever it is challenging to ask people to put their time towards this, but I'd love to hear the different approaches we all take to do so. Thanks! See More
Ruben Aguirre
For our team, the element that has been most helpful has been to set the example. If they don't see you, as a leader, willing to learn, grow, and be uncomfortable, then your team might be more reluctant to cultivate learning and not see the value of it.  If as the leader, you set the tone with those you work most closely with, they will in turn influence those that work alongside them.