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Renee Hernandez is the Digital Curriculum Content Specialist at IMPACT. With over 10 years of digital curriculum development experience, she has worked with a variety of industries, businesses, and K-12 school districts. Renee has been awarded national awards for developing customized curriculum for groups that showed on average a year-over-year increase of 230%+ in productivity. Her passion is helping businesses grow and empowering people. Renee has been a presenter at over 100 conferences nationwide, leadership panel discussions, and webinars. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, watching a good movie, and continuing to stay current on implementing technology.
Hello! I have a client who would like to create the following online assessments (via Typeform)*A Recommender Assessment - "What (Product) Is the Best Fit For My Needs?" - user answers a series of questions and a product is recommended based on users current situation*Price Estimator - user answers questions and the output is a price range for this particular product or serviceThe client would like to "combine" these assessments into one:...
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Renee Hernandez
That sounds like a fun challenge, Dave Wieser ! Keep us posted on how that goes as you build it out.