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Hi. I'm knew around here and still getting familiar with things.

I found a broken link in the course about building a TAYA website and wanted to let someone know. How do I share that? Thanks. See More
Ramona Sukhraj
Hey ☒, thanks for the heads up! The services page has been updated to this URL: https://www.arcurve.com/all-services but it appears to have a new design. We'll add this to our list for updating :)
For content managers, how do you balance the thoroughness that Google likes to see with the scanability and brevity your sales team might want for assignment selling pieces? Can the same piece serve both ends?

I have my ideas, but I'd be interested in hearing yours!
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Ramona Sukhraj
I think it's just a matter of organizing/optimizing your long content so that sales can find what they need. With the right headers, bulleted lists, etc. even if the piece isn't the shortest, they can still quickly find their answers and guide a prospect to the right info!
Hey friends, anyone know of an SMB with a diversity page on their site (or just doing great things with DEI in general?) I know it's a bit of rarity right now (I hope to change that) but looking for examples if they're out there! See More
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Hello all,

I was wondering what your favorite ways are to celebrate the content that your SMEs produce or help produce (as well celebrating your SMEs)?

I've been working with some new SMEs and getting more collaboration from others that had good experiences.I have some go-to tactics but I want to fill my celebration toolbox to the brim so I can best make them feel like the rock stars they are as well as bring the deserved attention to the valuable content that they're helping create. See More
Ramona Sukhraj
Yes! In our all-hands meetings, I also do a countdown of the top-performing articles from the previous period. It adds a nice touch of friendly competition to the content creation process while also showing our SMEs some appreciation. :)
Hey friends!
I'm on the hunt for examples of websites/apps/brands with great Inclusive UX (i.e. Pinterest's skin tone selector, Twitter's language selector, pro-noun fields on forms, etc).

What are some of the best you've come across? Share and link them in a comment below! :) Thanks! See More
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Is there such thing as too many links in a blog? I know we need to include external and internal links within a blog - but what is the right amount of links? I just read one online that had 16 links within the text. See More
Ramona Sukhraj
Hey Nicole Solis ! I definitely agree with Morgan there; it depends on the length of the article. In general, I try to aim for at least 3 internal and 3 external links in a piece that's roughly 1000 words, but it also so should be natural. If there are too many links it can distract or even take people out of your experience/article.