Rachael McNerney

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Joined January 2021


A seasoned operations consultant for large-scale productions, experienced in managing the creation of socially innovative exhibitions, city-wide month-long festivals, community programs, fundraiser auctions, and nationwide trainings.

Involvement spans from non-profit organizations and start-ups to corporations (in the US and abroad). A results-driven analytical thinker and entrepreneur with a BBA in Economics that can confidently implement an operational strategy to achieve outcomes that exceed expectations.

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Many of us have read lots of books throughout our careers, but I'm sure we all have that one book we always think of and recommend. What's that book for you?
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Rachael McNerney
Great question, it's hard to choose just one! Looking forward to seeing what others suggest. Here are some I found memorable:

Heart to Start - Derek Handley
Around the World in 80 Trades & Unfair Trade - Conor Woodman
The Freakonomics Series
Books by Richard Branson
Books by Simon Sinek
Jason Silva's Philosophical Shots of Espresso videos are also noteworthy.
I spend a lot of time in front of the screen and I hear mixed reviews if these glasses are worth investing in. Assuming most of you fall in a similar boat, I want to hear opinions on if they are worth buying as well as recommendations if they are!
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Rachael McNerney
Connor DeLaney have you tried adjusting your computer's display settings? If you have a Windows 10 PC search "Night Light". From there you can adjust the red and blue tones and schedule night mode. Personally, I am often adjusting the screen brightness depending on the surrounding light.