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Hey There Videographers!

Our internal team is begging for us to invest in a teleprompter to help them with on-camera performance. What are your thoughts on this?

If it's recommended, are there any good recommendations on brands or bests for use with a MarkIV (if the camera matters?)

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Peter Culotta
TheĀ scriptQ software is great and I have used for years. It's super easy to use and the developers are always making updates.
If you run an agency or you're a designer, this topic has come up more than once I'm sure. If you haven't seen this video by Chris Do, check it out because it has great information and examples.

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While we have people like Clodagh Higgins , Bob Ruffolo and Marcus Sheridan here in IMPACT+ (all of which are great), who are other thought leaders you follow that I should too?

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Peter Culotta
Here are two great agency owners / real thought leaders!

Chris Do -
Michael Locke -