Paul Patty

Sales trainer, coach and consultant focus on B2B Selling at Tangerang Selatan, Banten 15414, Indonesia

Joined March 2021


Summary of Experiences: Experiences were at field-sales (PT Astra Graphia –Xerox: 1980-1995), sales management (MG Sports & Music: 1995-1997), and sales training (PT Repex Perdana International-FedEx: 1998-2003; Markpus Institute of Marketing : 2003-2011 as Associate Partner and Senior Instructor); 2011 - Now: Self Employer focusing on Sales Training, Coaching and Consulting; 2019 - Now: Center for Human Resources Studies: Instructor for Competency Training and Certification (Sales Operations / Sales Manager).

Mar 2021 - Present

Experience in sales since 1980, both in the field, management and especially in training for the last 20 years, I am directly involved with major changes in today's customers. Customers want sales professionals who are able to create value, build bonds of trust, provide meaningful and relevant experiences, inspire and motivate while providing the opportunity to participate in creating something that exceeds expectations, customers also want sales professionals to have true leadership in collaborating with them. The challenges of sales professionals are increasing when the business world undergoes digital transformation in the Industrial 4.0 era. All of this demands a new paradigm in devising a sales strategy that utilizes social media and OMNI-channels to take advantage of the abundant opportunities, even during the uncertain market situation in the New Normal.
I am proud to join this community in order to build sustainable friendships and build discussions to advance the world of B2B sales. Thank you and greetings of great success! See More
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What is everyone doing to make traction during these odd times? I personally use a ton of video, but curious if there are any other best practices people are using to get their outreach seen!

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Paul Patty
In Indonesia, salespeople are required to use virtual channels, but due to the local culture of customers when asked to choose between virtual interactions and face-to-face interactions, customers prefer face-to-face interactions, even now off-line training is resuming and sales are starting to meet their customers by offline, which is why the OMNI channel is most preferred here.