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Helping homeowners design and build a better home, with less stress and worry, by preventing costly problems.  A course, community, and coaching with interactive personalized guidance toward the home of their dreams.  
I was listening to an Impact Plus group and found one new resource, and thought I'd ask for more here.

I'm interested in
video creation and editing using Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects
social media for YouTube, Facebook, and Pinterest - especially changes and improving what I do
anything to improve my course, community, or coaching
To make this beneficial to more people, perhaps you want to use a standard format so it is easily searchable:
topic / URL / any comments

I'll start it off by posting the resource I found in the ImpactPlus group:

After Effects/Premiere lots of resources, some free

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Dear Impact plus community, Does anyone have any sales ideas that have worked for them that could potentially work for me. I need help in generating sales? See More
Pamela Pierce
Start by writing a book and market it as a lead magnet.
Ever since the core web vitals Google ranking update was announced, I have been trying to get our website up to speed (pun intended). In the beginning, I did a lot of research, tried to find out if I could fix things myself, and then ultimately found that the outside website team we use would have to perform updates.

This website team has been working since March to try different fixes for our website to improve our LCP and CLS scores. They updated our Wordpress, they tested the sticky nav as a contributing factor, and we purchased a plug-in to optimize all 10,000 of our photos. Next, they tried the Cloudways Breeze caching plugin but it disabled all of our homepage videos so it had to be turned off.

After the updates, we still are not... See More
Pamela Pierce
I'm surprised you had to purchase a plug in to optimize your images, I thought google had a free way to optimize images.  That's what I intend to use.  I am wondering about your URLs.  Why do they need to be improved?  I've never run into this before.  Thanks.
In an industry where the expectations are to kill or be killed, Microsoft took a stand in their new update to Windows 11, saying that, "Operating systems and devices should mold to our needs, not the other way around."

With that in mind, Microsoft's CEO continued in talking about how they want to bring technology more together. "[Microsoft's] technology is being built to work with as many products as possible, including software for competing Google Android smartphones."

The article continues, talking through Windows's goal of allowing developers and even Google with their apps to go onto Windows and the Microsoft Store and sell their programs for next to no commissions to Microsoft itself, a heavy shift from the industry standard.

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Pamela Pierce
Awesome!  We should be using industry-standard stuff, not stuff that only works with Microsoft or Apple.  Thanks for the article.