Visual Sales & Marketing Coach | Digital Transformation Specialist | LinkedIn Mentor | Keynote Speaker |

Joined April 2020


I’m Oscar and would love to show you an easy methodology that will help you think more like your customers, be more transparent, increase your visibility and trust – all by using the people and knowledge you already have!

As a customer myself, I know how much I appreciate suppliers that have good products and services – but at the same time are transparent, have great digital tools, answer all my questions, show me they are human and getting positive #DigitalWordOfMouth. 

I help organizations create better customer journeys by being more visible,  connecting better with their audience, showing who they are and how they can help.

We can show you an alternative to expensive corporate video production and outsourced marketing, by training you and your staff on how to create amazing quality in-house videos that will turn your company inside and out and make visible the people and the knowledge you have, because that creates trust! And we all want to buy from someone we trust😊

Whether it’s written content on your website, videos or everyone’s engagement on Social Media platforms like LinkedIn, there is a simple methodology we can teach you, that will make showing the human in your brand and creating employment engagement a much easier, more relevant and less expensive process, than hiring external help to do it for you. 
We have held over 350 workshops all over Scandinavia and Western Europe, teaching our customers all the why's and how's of a smooth, relevant, and great customer experience. 

📍 Pricing Strategy/Packaging of products & Services 
📍 Content Development 
📍 In-house video production 
📍 Visual Sales & Marketing 
📍Social Media Best Practices/LinkedIn 
📍Keynote Speaker
📍Digital Transformation Specialist

Favorite books:
📙They Ask You Answer 
📕Content DNA
📙 Culmative Advantage

Feel free to call me at any time, or chat with me here on LinkedIn, and I’ll help you in any way I can. 

I live in Drammen Norway, I am married to Leah, have two beautiful daughters, Cornelia and Tamarah, a great son in law Marius, and a cat called Larsen😊