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i hired someone to do my hubspot site they ended up updating a lot of the code. However I can't remember who I used. I am trying to find a way to train my va team to be able to update this code and learn html on vidyard.

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Nick Bennett
Chris Greene you can check the revision history in your HubSpot portal to see who made the changes. They probably still have access to your portal under the "users and teams" menu if you didn't remove them.
Hello from New Zealand !!

I'm on a mission to create a pillar page. My first attempt. The page will be an "ultimate guide" to help anyone wishing to hike the world famous Tongariro Alpine Crossing.

My question:

I will write a detailed description of the track itself. It will include geology, volcanology, vegetation, physical features etc. Do I include this in the pillar page or as a subtopic as a blog post?

How does one decide to include all the juicy details in the pillar page or as blog post

The search term Tongariro Alpine Crossing receives 15,000 searches per month. Then there's weather, shuttles and map which receive around 5,000 searches collectively. After these key words the monthly search volume drops off significantly.

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Nick Bennett
Callum Harland -- here is a good example of how we do this at IMPACT .. (Website Redesign Guide)

We have a section in the pillar about "why you should redesign your website" but also an article dedicated to the subject and goes into much more detail.  The pillar links to the article, the article links to the pillar. 
We are a piano lesson studio. And we have a quiz on our site as the main call to action. They take this quiz to see if they are ready for lessons. We email them their results and show them their results on the next screen.

With this email we nurture them and send them email spread out over the next month.

On the thank you page we offer them a free intro lesson.

My question is should I have this quiz be gated at the end and allow them to go through to the thank you page without providing their email.

Or is is smart to ask for their email so we can follow up?

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Nick Bennett
This is definitely something I would test. I've launched self-selection tools ungated, checked engagement and abandonment, and then see how those numbers change after I gate them.

A free intro lesson is a great offer and something anyone looking for lessons would give up an email address in exchange for.

I'd also think about changing the KPI from "emails captured" to "free intro lesson claimed" or something. I've found changing my goal changes how I look to solve the problem.

You could have all the emails in the world but if no one claims a free intro lesson, then the leads are no good.
For content managers, how do you balance the thoroughness that Google likes to see with the scanability and brevity your sales team might want for assignment selling pieces? Can the same piece serve both ends?

I have my ideas, but I'd be interested in hearing yours!
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Nick Bennett
At the end of the day, you win when you focus on solving for the reader. If you solve for them, you solve for Google.

Google says "thorough content is better" but really they are saying "just answer the question!" A 2000 word article that doesn't answer the question is still a bad article.
As we write Best Of, Reviews, and Versus articles my team continues to discuss whether or not we should link to competitors in our articles. I've had mixed feelings about linking vs. not linking.

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Nick Bennett
Hey Bri Stauffer !

Great question! We link ( but RiverPools doesn't (

Doesn't look like a concrete rule but I think Kevin Phillips or Kevin Church may have more thoughts on what to do about this.
Good morning Content Community!

I've been noticing lately that my low-tier wireless keyboard has been letting me down lately.

It's been missing keystrokes, keys sticking (so if I'm backspacing I lose whole chunks of sentences ) , and other deal-breaking "features" especially when writing content.

I've done all I can from a software perspective so I think it's time for an upgrade.

So, what are you all using? Have you found that certain types of keyboards or certain features tend to work better than others?

Wired vs. wireless?
Standard keyboard vs. gaming keyboard?
Mechanical vs. optical switches?

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Nick Bennett
Whatever the most basic wireless Apple keyboard is, that's what I have lol. It gets the job done.

I know  Carina Duffy has a fancy one that is all clickety-clacks 
Hey Everyone,

Does anyone have any thoughts on Vidyard vs Vimeo? We are just starting our video journey and would probably start on basic plans for either. We don't like the Vidyard ad in the free version either. Hoping we don't have to have it if we pay for Pro. We just need a clean way for our sales team to send out videos to prospects, know if they at least started watching a video, and have the ability to trigger a workflow in HubSpot from that event.

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Nick Bennett
I'll second what  Connor DeLaney  said here. Vidyard is a video solution for sale and marketing. You get all the tracking and analytics you could possibly want. Vimeo may not be the most comparable option. In this case, I would compare Wisita and Vidyard.

With that said, I know you can fully remove all the Vidyard branding and customize the payer page when you sign up for Vidyard Teams (I think the same applies for Pro.) We use Vidyard and can vouch for the HubSpot integration. Not too sure what Wistia offers in that area. 

Based on your post I think the workflow trigger you're suggesting may be a lot more difficult to set up than anticipated. The integration is mostly designed for "marketing" videos. Meaning a video that sits on a webpage and doesn't change all that often. 

Every time a salesperson sends a video, they create a new video ID (Vidyard calls this a UUID) In order for the workflow to identify the video that was played, you would need to be added to the workflow enrollment criteria every single time the sales team creates a video... read: it's pretty much impossible to manage.

If you can provide more info on what you're specifically trying to accomplish I can help you find a way to make it happen.
We just started using Vidyard and can see analytics about our videos. However, we want to see on an individual level, what videos and how many videos a particular person/prospect watched. We ask for their email address b4 they watch and allow them to skip entering their email if they wish. Is this the best practice or is there a better way to track how long and what each person is watching? Is tracking analytics for individuals a HubSpot thing, a Vidyard thing, or a combo of both? See More
Nick Bennett
Larry Kagan -- when you log in to you can see individual contacts and the videos they watched. alternatively, if you have the HubSpot integration, you can see this info directly on the contact timeline in HubSpot.   

Friends, what Chat feature do you use on your website? What do you love? What feature do you wish it had?

We use Hubspot right now for the chat on our site, and I'm not thrilled. Looking for alternatives!

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Nick Bennett
Also here to suggest Intercom or Drift. I've heard good things about Ramble but haven't used it personally.
Is anyone using more than one HubSpot pipeline? We have three pipelines and now have a need to have different default fields for one of them. It doesn't look like it's possible. Trying to find any handy solutions. We have one idea, but it's a bit of extra work and probably annoying for users. Thanks in advance! And thanks, Stephanie Baiocchi for letting me know about this! See More
Nick Bennett
Hey Rebecca Whitney , I actually just consolidated all of our pipelines into 1 over the weekend.

When we were using multiple pipelines I used this process to make the relevant info visible on the sidebar based on what pipeline it is in.

Let me know if I misunderstood your ask!
I had a moment not too long ago where a blog title I wanted to roll with was exactly the character limit in HubSpot on the first try.
I threw my arms up in the air triumphantly and let out a little "woo!" my wood-paneled basement...

I didn't share it with anyone because I didn't know anyone else that would appreciate that win in the process of what others may call "insider baseball" or "sausage making".

But we're a whole community of Content Managers and we know the satisfaction and the feeling of those types of wins!

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Looking for others in the manufacturing/industrial B2B space that have already done this. What are your tips and tricks? If you do not have any, don't worry! We will be sharing ours as we go! There are very few players in our industry doing this so we are rather ahead of the curve. We are essentially working to create "the food network of the industrial/manufacturing B2B space". See More
Nick Bennett
Hey  Nathan Dube !

While I haven't done this specifically for the manufacturing/industrial B2B space, I have been down this road before so here is a bit of what I've picked up along the way:

1. Gather all the audience data you possibly can. This info may feel obvious to you but not so much to potential advertisers. Think things like:
  • unique monthly sessions
  • monthly 
  • role
  • seniority
  • geographic location
2. Affiliate programs are your best friend when getting started. Audible is kind of the gold standard for this one as I'm sure you've seen a LOT of podcasts and videos "sponsored" by them. Check out their program here for inspiration.
3. CPM pricing is hard to manage and not worth it unless you are >1 million hits/month. Even at that, still not totally worth it. I'd still suggest sticking with affiliate programs.
4. Have a clear outcome set for what an ad placement will look like. For example, podcasts get a 30-second pre-roll and 60-second mid-roll, links in the show notes. Here is a great list of resources from Midroll on this.

Let me know if you'd like clarification on any of this!

Hope this helps!