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For solo coaches that see the potential of this coaching model as an opportunity to scale past solopreneur, who should you consider hiring first? And why? Any thoughts Cristal Drummond Chris Marr Mark Reynolds
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I'm working with a client to bring on their first Content Manager. After considering everything we've been using for this process (Course: How to Hire a Content Manager, Onboarding Guide for CM, Job Post, Evaluating Interview Skills) I don't remember anything mentioning TAYA awareness/involvement in the hiring process?

What are the reasons why you would or wouldn't dive into They Ask, You Answer from the get-go?

Thank you Liz Murphy John...
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Greetings everyone!
I'm curious if anyone has experience or stories with implementing TAYA with a nonprofit?
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Hey Amy Garelick and  J.Paul Fridenmaker  ! I see the opportunity from non-profits and share an interest here. I was hoping to see some more traction on this post. I'd love to be looped into any further conversation!
Is it a thing? Has this discussion come up before?

This question came up in an off-topic conversation in Cohort 9 when considering the challenges of solopreneurs taking on larger companies.

I'm curious, from the community and fellow cohorts before us if anyone has:

1. Has collaborated in a coaching engagement?
2. Has any interest in doing this?

If there were any interest, it would be cool if Impact+ could help shepherd the process in any way....
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It’s incredibly important to us here at IMPACT to continue to educate you all on They Ask, You Answer, but it’s not about what WE think you want/need.

It’s about what YOU all actually want/need.

So let’s take a vote here - What course topics would you like to see more of?

Hit the reaction button with the course content you’d like to see more of:
  • - Assignment Selling
  • - Written Content
  • - Video Content
  • - Website
  • - HubSpot

If you have...
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Becca Manganello Great thread so far Team. I honestly haven't covered enough to know what's missing! I'd definitely jump on a They Ask, You Answer Website Certification reflecting the same process that the Impact+ Web Team uses internally. I understand there are quite a few web courses, so I'll stay tuned for the gaps and plan to circle back. 
Hey Impact(ers)!

They Ask, You Answer is quickly re-shaping my world as a soloprenuer (digital brand strategy and web development in Webflow/Shopify). After joining the recent Certified Coaching Cohort, I'm considering how to re-focus and refine my product offerings into a couple monthly options based on:
  • They Ask, You Answer Coaching Mastery
  • They Ask, You Answer Website Mastery

I'm looking for clarity on the web side of things- I've read...
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