Moby Siddique

CEO of RedPandas Digital and IMPACT Australia.

Joined April 2020


G'day! RedPandas Digital is proud to be officially under the IMPACT umbrella of companies via an acquistion in 2022. We're APAC's most experienced and trained They Ask, You Answer partner. HubSpot Diamond & Advanced Implementation Partner.


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Certified Since October 2022
As Stephanie Baiocchi mentioned in the "IMPACT+ Digest" last week we hosted the "They Ask, You Answer" May 2023 Summit this week in Chicago

The past 3 days were LOADED with tons of content spanning four different information tracks. This means we have all taken in a LOT this week!

So this week's poll is: What's the one moment from this week's "They Ask, You Answer" Summit that's still sticking with you?

We're excited to hear which parts...
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Moby Siddique
Thanks  Becca Manganello ! Sooo many takeaways but one of the key ones for me was that AI isn't a scary out-of-reach monster we can't already start work on implementing (beyond Chat GPT). That and the TAYA journey is never done, there is always something to be done and someone to learn from!
Please drop a comment of congratulations to these 5 newly certified They Ask, You Answer sales professionals from the Fire & Ice team!

1. Luke Watson
2. Bryan Carnahan
3. winson snelling
4. Roger Bakies
5. Brad Angel

These five have successfully demonstrated success with They Ask, You Answer and mastery in using video throughout the sales process, hosting highly effective video calls, using sales enablement content to educate...
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Moby Siddique
Congrats team!!