Melissa Smith

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HubSpot has been spending time making improvements on the HubDB experience which we are very excited about.

This update that is in public beta is being able to sort HubDB data by columns.

Users will be able to click on column headers of sortable columns types, and row data will sort ascending or descending.

Column sorts do not persist between table loads or for different users, and do no propogate to live website data. This is just a UI sort...
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HubSpot just released an update that allows your developer to have the ability to add a description to a HubDB table column to make it easier for content creators to understand how to use a column.

This is exciting as a developer for when you have a table that has quite a few columns to be able to add directly in the column what it is used for instead of creating a cheatsheet on the side.Who else is pumped for this update?
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As a manager, one of the areas I spend a lot of time focusing on with my direct reports is optimizing their day and giving them the space to do their best work.

One resource that I have been diving into to educate myself on this more is a book called Peak Performance by Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness.

Chapter 7 explores the idea of discovering the best time of day for your own optimal performance. Scientists refer to those who work best in...
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Melissa Smith
I am 100000000000% an Owl. It's unbelievable how much work I get done at night compared to the morning.
HubSpot recently updated the SEO recommendations section (under Marketing > Website > SEO) in HubSpot. Thanks to Jessica Palmeri for bringing to my attention!

Has anyone had a chance to check this out?

Here are a couple of HubSpot Knowledge Base articles, if you haven't.
What are your thoughts and feelings on this update?
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