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Helping savvy business owners and smart sales and marketing pros master their own digital sales & marketing success.

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Helping savvy business owners and smart sales and marketing pros master their own digital sales & marketing success.
Has anybody made some experience with

Very exciting value proposition: Connect Gong to your CRM, Phone and Zoom. Gong will listen to all your conversations and tell you what is good.

The AI of Gong will tell how to better talk and better behave to win more clients and to make customer happier.

We are testing Gong at the moment. It would be great to share experiences.Martin
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Melissa Prickett
Hi Martin Bredl we were on a free trial some time back and we really liked it. We had previously recorded all our calls but this took the administrative work out of it and connected everything all together. We also started to use the extra features that helped us become better in our talk tracks.

We then tried Chorus and ended up subscribing to them. From what I understand they are considerably less expensive and they had the same features.

So maybe something else to consider.
My company is actively reviewing resumes for our content manager position. Many applicants are out of state, and I'm concerned about how the position would integrate. So far, on paper, the best candidates are not in our area. What are some of your thoughts on the pros and cons of this position being 100% remote?

For context:
Part-time (20 +/- hours per week)
Flexible schedule
Would have to be able to remote into our weekly marketing team...
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Melissa Prickett
Hi Steven Ladd So excited you all are moving forward with this important initiative. We've seen great success with many organizations hiring their content manager remotely over the last few years. Here's a resource that goes into more detail to give you some assurances. And if you want to talk it through further, let's hop on a call and see where we can give you the clarity you need.

Does this help alleviate some of your concerns and give you some direction?
I'm looking for a tool to help schedule groups together automatically and want this tool to help me do two things:
  1. Identify when someone is available in their calendar given specific criteria (ex: I want to choose a specific day of the week)
  2. Send the recommended dates and times to me and/or that person so we can pick the best one.
I'm convinced this tool is likely two different tools, not an all-in-one solution, but would love...
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Melissa Prickett
I bet  Nick Bennett   has some insight into this.
Ever since starting with They Ask, You Answer, and Impact+ I've been a little put off by the title "Content Manager". It seems to imply that the position would be managing other people. For us, we are about to try to hire a Content Manager, but I'm wondering if something like Content Marketer would be a better description since they won't be managing other people. Obviously, I want to use a title that people will understand when they see the...
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Melissa Prickett
Dale Pease great question! One we've debated internally ourselves several times. This individual's job will be to manage the content creation process for your business. They generally don't start out as a people manager but as a process manager. Most important, they need to be empowered to work with the various teams across the organization to help you create content that makes you money. That's why we use the word "manager" over "marketer" or "writer". They'll spend a big chunk of their time writing, and managing the content production process for your organization.

Does that help?

Most importantly, don't worry so much about what you call them other than how they can help your business. 
Hey everyone!

I'm in the process of building out a lead management program between marketing and sales. To make it the best it can be, I would love to get any input or tips that the community has on what steps should be included.

From my side, I want to make sure that there are clear expectations for marketing and sales stakeholders and that we have a full understanding of what success looks like.Look forward to hearing your feedback on this!
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Melissa Prickett
Anatoliy I  what CRM/tech stack are you using? Is sales and marketing both using the same tools or do you have multiple tools that integrate. Answer me that first and I would be happy to provide some more perspective.
If you are in sales, or even if you are just customer-facing, I encourage you to take IMPACT+'s course: Fundamentals of virtual selling

1. It's authored by the man himself - Marcus Sheridan (educational AND entertaining)

2. This course alone is worth the investment into IMPACT+ Pro

3. I get to be personally trained by Marcus and IMPACT's coaches and this course helped me realize:

a. repetition helps
b. I've forgotten a few...
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Hi everyone,
I'm the sales manager for a software company in Florida. We build and sell software that helps RV dealerships grow.

Finding new sales hires has been very tough for us. We are building a powerful culture and finding cultural fits alone is tough. When we add on finding people who "get" inbound marketing and are willing to let go of old ways of selling...our search has become daunting to say the least.

We are about two months into...
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Melissa Prickett
Hi Ryan Winter
I'm an almost 20-year sales veteran here at IMPACT Plus so I've been through a few job searches in my time.

Remember, they are interviewing you just as much as you are interviewing them so are you attractive in not only your job posting like Chris Pintarich said, but in other areas when they "Google". you as well?

You don't have to find someone who is "IMPACT-y" or "loves TAYA" but you do want someone with a growth mindset and someone who is obsessed over learning. When I was interviewing at IMPACT (after meeting  Stephanie Baiocchi at the Chicago HUGs) I had never heard of TAYA, but you better believe I read that book as I was going through the process and read a whole bunch of pages on their website. That in itself showed my future (now) employer that I embodied some of the core values they were seeking and could be a good fit.
Other things to consider are: 
1. is hiring remote an option?
2. will those with a sales AND marketing background be well qualified?
3. where and how long have you been looking?

I think any good sales professional in 2021 has to recognize that most of the buying decision happens before someone reaches out to your company to engage in a conversation and those that are human, holistic, and helpful are going to be the ones who are going to succeed in today's digital world vs. someone with a track record of overperforming.

I hope that helps.

Hi there! I am pretty new to sales and would love to get recommendations on podcasts, authors, leaders, etc., that you find interesting. I want to immerse myself in any sales/marketing/organizational content that you think may benefit me. I am a big fan of works from Simon Sinek, Chip and Dan Heath, and Patrick Lencioni. Also, I appreciate any tips or advice you want to share with a "newbie". Thanks in advance!
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Melissa Prickett
My teammate Marc wrote the article with his favorites. Check it out! Best sales podcasts: 21 you need to listen to

I'm looking for some ideas or information on where to start with hiring some additional help for the marketing team.

The Background: I work for a regional IT company (managed service provider) based in Virginia. My title is "content manager", but I'm more of a one-man marketing department at this point. I work closely with the CEO to develop content and execute our inbound + TAYA strategy. Right now I do nearly all of the content...
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Melissa Prickett
Blake Cormier

What a thoughtful post. I see you working hard and looking to do all the right things at your company. While we don't have ONE article that encompasses what you are asking, I did pull a few that I feel could be helpful.
On the positions
And as you evaluate your website agency

I guess it really comes down to what are you trying to achieve. Video might be the next step for your organization if you have a good cadence for your written content. Is the sales team using all the content that is being produced because maybe you want to focus more time on assignment selling. Check out those articles above and if you'd like to chat more, feel free to schedule 30 minutes with me. I'm happy to help.


Can anyone point me in the direction of some bio video examples. I want to show some examples for our sales team before they consider what they're going to say in theirs.

Thanks for your help!Katherine
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Melissa Prickett
Katherine, there are a few more examples here
Howdy and welcome to IMPACT+!

Please share your thoughts and questions here. And if you run into an issue, include a screenshot for reference :)Looking forward to supporting y'all, have a great day!
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Melissa Prickett
Marr talks about the resources below in his Assignment Selling course but there are no resources below.