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Universal Analytics is GOING AWAY on July 1st, 2023 (pause for dramatic effect).

You may be asking yourself, "What does this mean for my website analytics and tracking?" I

f you are, I have the perfect workshop for you.Come join Vin Gaeta and Mary Brown for our Fundamentals of Google Analytics 4 Workshop on February 28th!

It is up to you to ensure your company is prepared for this very important change and we are here to help!Click here more...
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Working in a virtual environment can be tough!

You want to make sure you all stay connected and have that bond that is so important to be successful and thrive day to day.

Here is a list that @ Janet Mendez helped me pull together to make our team bonding a priority.

I can definitely tell you that #11 "Who Da Baby?" was the team's favorite!

  1. This or That
  2. Virtual Team Building Bingo
    • We get a bingo...
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What does being at your best look like? Well for me it's making sure I get to the gym most days of the week. Let me explain why: I've been doing CrossFit for almost 10 years now. I used to coach classes. I even met my husband at a CrossFit gym. If I'm not in the gym, we have a problem; it has a huge impact on how I show up everywhere else in life. So I prioritize fitness because it makes me an all-around better person. It truly is...
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Melanie Moore
I also agree with fitness! I do 30 minutes of some form of exercise in the morning to start my day. It gets my mind in the right head space and my body moving. 
"For many of us effective multi-tasking is nothing more than just effective delusional thinking." - Brad Stuhlberg, Peak Performance

Ouch! For as long as I can remember, I've prided myself on being a professional multi-tasker, gaining pure satisfaction from how many boxes I could check off at the end of the day (and I know I'm not the only one). Yet no matter how many tasks I winded up touching in a week, I often found that I was still not...
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Melanie Moore
I'm so guilty! Love the tips and I will definitely try to put those into practice. 
HubSpot just released an update that allows your developer to have the ability to add a description to a HubDB table column to make it easier for content creators to understand how to use a column.

This is exciting as a developer for when you have a table that has quite a few columns to be able to add directly in the column what it is used for instead of creating a cheatsheet on the side.Who else is pumped for this update?
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Melanie Moore
This is going to be such a great addition to our HubDB tools! 
As a manager, one of the areas I spend a lot of time focusing on with my direct reports is optimizing their day and giving them the space to do their best work.

One resource that I have been diving into to educate myself on this more is a book called Peak Performance by Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness.

Chapter 7 explores the idea of discovering the best time of day for your own optimal performance. Scientists refer to those who work best in...
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Is anyone here familiar with the book Radical Candor by Kim Scott and its philosophy?

If you aren't I highly recommend you go grab a copy but to sum it up, "Radical Candor builds trust and opens the door for the kind of communication that helps you achieve the results you're aiming is what happens when you 'Care Personally' and 'Challenge Directly' during a conversation." (Scott 9)

When I go into a difficult conversation I tend to...
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HubSpot recently updated the SEO recommendations section (under Marketing > Website > SEO) in HubSpot. Thanks to Jessica Palmeri for bringing to my attention!

Has anyone had a chance to check this out?

Here are a couple of HubSpot Knowledge Base articles, if you haven't.
What are your thoughts and feelings on this update?
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Melanie Moore
Can't wait to dive into this more and use it with our clients here at IMPACT. 
Happy Friday All!

I was somewhat recently promoted to a management position here at IMPACT and yesterday our CEO shared a small snippet from a Simon Sinek Noah talk about trusting teams that really resonated with me.

Of course it is more complicated than this, especially if you are in a virtual environment, but it got my wheels spinning on how I can improve and be the manager that my team needs to do their best work.Let me know if this video...
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News from web world! At the end of September, Google announced five changes coming soon to mobile search:
  • Google Search Shortcuts: On the Google app for all iOS, you'll have tappable search shortcuts that help you search beyond typing in a text query.
  • Results in the Search Bar: Google will start populating results as you type, before you even hit submit, to get you to an answer faster.
  • Enhanced Query Refinements: When you type in your...
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Melanie Moore
I'm curious to see how accurate the results in the search bar will be. It could have an alternate annoying effect if it doesn't pull up what you are REALLY looking for. 

I also agree with you on being iffy about combining text, images, and videos.

Google Web Stories sounds interesting! Excited to see it. 
Take off your digital sales and marketing caps and put on your buying caps. And it could be anything. Some answers I've heard so far are:

  • "Language that is too "markety" and doesn't actually tell me what you do. And no visible pricing. I'll leave immediately if I have to request a quote instead of being able to see pricing up front!"
  • "Not being mobile friendly, or not having a clear opt out to pop up’s. Low contrast between text and...
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Melanie Moore
  • Can I please echo Adam with the cheesy stock photography! I understand it may be necessary but put some thought and effort behind those choices. 
  • Too much animation. Websites can get caught up in trying to look "cool" and "interesting." It can lead to way too much going on and your users missing the whole purpose of the site. 
  • Content is always a huge one for me as well. Too much "all about us" copy or copy that is too technical so that you cannot as a user even understand what the product is that a site is selling.