Martin Bredl

Helping companies to run their inbound marketing they alIways dreamt off.

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Head Corporate Communitications Telekom Austria

Dec 2021 - Present
I am an entrepreneur with a strong will to win. In moment, I am busy to run takeoff inbound agency. 
Hi we are searching for a partner to outsource our web design & development (HubSpot CMS).

Any recommendations?

Thank you

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Hi, we are planning to change our domain name: We started as a PR Agency, but since 7 years we are a pure Inbound Agency.

We think of A bit long but nothing else is available.

What has been the experience of Impact to switch from impactbnd to impactplus. On ahrefs I see quite drop in traffic, but ahrefs is not always right ;)

What would you do?


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Curious what new niche markets you have all seen for services and opportunities that agencies have been answering the call for?

A couple I've recently seen have been: Video Voice Overs Virtual and Hybrid events (not surprised) See More
Martin Bredl
What about HubSpot repair services? There are many HubSpot users who have set up HubSpot not properly, and they are struggling. Repair their Portal!