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With a background in running companies in the Tech, Training, & Media industries I’ve learned a lot over the last 20 years and now I help businesses adapt to modern selling. Outside of work I enjoy reading books around influence and persuasion or you’ll find me inside the world of Virtual Reality. Challenge me to a game of VR Table Tennis if you dare!


Helping businesses increase their know, like and trust factors so that they can grow and position themselves as “Experts” in their industry. I humanise your brand.


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Certified Since August 2022
As we enter the new year, you probably have big goals in place for success. I know I do. Whether it's publishing those 3 articles per week or finally getting your sales team on camera, it takes commitment and dedication to reach those goals. That means doing the work every day.

Hopefully you're coming back to work today feeling refreshed and energized but let's be honest - it still gets dark early, we're all still dragging a little from the...
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Mark Young
favorite accountability tool =  the girlfriend ;-)
I'm due to graduate in October, and as a long-time employee I'm come to realise that there's a BIG gap between employee + self-employed TAYA coach.I love all the content and new skills I've picked up and put into practice from the TAYA Coaching Certification program. It's been challenge but a super-rewarding experience.But now, I really want paying clients.I would love to hear from both sides of the fence - if you're crushing it and are...
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Mark Young
Eug Soh  if you’d like a chat or tips on LinkedIn then happy to help you here.  I teach and run a D4U service so happy to give advice for a fellow coach
I'm curious about everyone's thoughts on this Reddit thread: Tell me why I'm wrong: Organic social media is a waste of time (B2B)Our team (we are in the commercial real estate industry) has been doing a lot of restrategizing for 2022 and we keep getting hung up on our organic social media strategy.I've spent a lot of time analyzing our audiences, engagement, etc. on each platform and have (kind of) come to the conclusion that our social...
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Mark Young
there's literally no organic each on FB and IG. LinkedIn you still get good reach but you kinda need to know a thing or 2 about how the algorithm, works. With Linkedin its really all about the personal profiles and who is in the networks. If you have a lot of your target market inside your network and you are posting content that's interesting and relevant to them then you'll get engagement but it does mean showing up frequently (like 3-5 times per week). Then there's actually growing your network with new contacts. The algorithm is actually going to present your content to the new connections in the first 2 weeks to see how strong the relationship is. There's a lot more to it... this is what I do for clients (social selling, content creation, LinkedIn coaching) - happy to have a chat if you like...