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As a content marketing consultant I help and guide businesses with sales and marketing teams, to create the culture, strategy, and implementation to execute They Ask, You Answer --- to become your industry's most trusted source of honest and transparent buying information.

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When analysing your HubSpot reports, you need to make sure the data is as accurate as possible...

So, for anyone who uses HubSpot's Wordpress plugin for tracking your HubSpot contacts' WordPress website activity, I previously noticed that HubSpot's tracking script still tracked the activity of my clients' employees when they were visiting the clients' own website.

That meant that myself and others had a lot of frontend page views appearing in...
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I'm looking for a tool to help schedule groups together automatically and want this tool to help me do two things:
  1. Identify when someone is available in their calendar given specific criteria (ex: I want to choose a specific day of the week)
  2. Send the recommended dates and times to me and/or that person so we can pick the best one.
I'm convinced this tool is likely two different tools, not an all-in-one solution, but would love...
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Mark Reynolds
@ Connor DeLaney When you say "automatically" you might want something even more clever, and maybe to work in a different way, but from what you've said, could this work? I've used MixMax consistently since 2016 and those requirements that you're after I think they do.... you can learn more on their site, and if it was of interest you can try it out via my link here that I use with my clients, but obviously you don't have to use that link Connor.

I've looked around for you and I think this documentation page will be of help where it explains their Group Scheduling Poll feature. They also have other nice scheduling features to share availability, as well as other scheduling features. Maybe this isn't what you're after, but hopefully it helps in some way.
Having watched the IMPACT course on cleaning up data, I'd love to hear what others are doing. Of course, what lists you create will depend on your business, but I'm generally interested in different approaches.In the aftermath of the iOS 15 Update in Sept 2021 and now not being able to accurately measure email opens, what are the most effective criteria (across all properties) to clean disengaged non-customers from HubSpot? Clicks and...
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Good day all!

Related to our topic last month, it looks like starting Feb 2022 HubSpot will allow the customization of lifecycle stages for contacts and companies!

Source -->

The collective impact of our mastermind group is apparently powerful enough to sway HubSpot decision-making!

I mean, I can't think of a...
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Mark Reynolds
Adam are there popular lifecycle stages that aren't default? Or is it mainly related to renaming stages, even though their definition is similar?
When launching a new YouTube channel is our primary objective to get subscribers? How many subscribers do we need in order to be able to earn the added functionality to push viewers to our company website?Should we also have CTA‘s for likes and alerts? Or should we just focus on adding subscribers initially?Also, what best practices do you suggest for CTA’s for us to maximize getting subscribers to our YouTube channel? Any specific...
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Mark Reynolds
Thanks for you input there Devon, great advice. On the Youtube Channel naming, that's interesting. So still have your brand in the channel name, but more about what your audience is looking for? Would be interesting to see examples?  I see IMPACT's is "They Ask, You Answer taught by IMPACT" so a good example I'm guessing?