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As a manager, one of the areas I spend a lot of time focusing on with my direct reports is optimizing their day and giving them the space to do their best work.

One resource that I have been diving into to educate myself on this more is a book called Peak Performance by Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness.

Chapter 7 explores the idea of discovering the best time of day for your own optimal performance. Scientists refer to those who work best in the mornings as "larks" and those who work best in the evenings as "owls."

This alone was not eye-opening to me, I know I am hands down a lark and take advantage of that regularly. I get up before my household and before my peers are online to knock out important items with no distractions or... See More
Marcella Jalbert
I love this! As a creative I actually feel myself as a little of both. The creativity doesn't necessarily come at a certain time of day but more so the whatever time I find myself alone with my thoughts for a few hours.
Brad Stulberg, the author of Peak Performance, recently spoke at an all-day event at IMPACT to discuss the formula for high-performing individuals and how stress and rest together are the ultimate combination for growth while avoiding burnout. Stress: Stress is important for growth. You simply cannot expect to grow your muscles or your mind by staying in your comfort zone. You have to push the limits of what you're comfortable with by finding your individual sweet spots for "Just-Manageable Challenges".

Just-Manageable Challenges are tasks that are difficult but doable, you don't want to completely overwhelm yourself with an impossible task, similar to lifting way too much weight at the gym; you will most likely get injured or burn out.... See More
Marcella Jalbert
I can really struggle with getting my mind to change gears when I need a break, so things that will actively pull my focus work best. This can be cooking a meal, doing some chores, or reading a few pages of a book over coffee.

Interested to hear other suggestions too!
These 10 insightful "micro-tips" do not require any UX experience or color theory, I promise.

Whether you are looking at a website redesign in your near future or just some easy ways to improve what you already have this article is a great place to start.

What is one thing from this list you can implement? See More
Whether I'm looking for metadata on a webpage, troubleshooting Google tag implementations, or proofing content, Chrome extensions make my life so much easier.

For example, a few months ago I learned about an extension called Detailed SEO (details below). Thanks to this tool, instead of spending an hour using several convoluted processes to find key on-page SEO information, I suddenly had a trove of valuable insights with one click.

I realized how much time I was wasting simply because I didn't know this tool existed.

Since then, I've become an avid collector of useful Chrome extensions.

Here are a few of my favorites... Detailed SEO extension - This extension shows me a page's metadata, word count, internal and external links, schema... See More
Marcella Jalbert
Toby is an absolute must have for me. It's the best way I've found for organizing tabs and bookmarks as a visual learner.
Came across this site today: I initially liked the user experience on this landing page with the video orientation, because the video is a familiar ratio to mobile… until I checked mobile and IT WASN’T THERE ANYMORE. However, I think exploring videos in this ratio (on desktop AND mobile) may be something we will see more in the future. What do y'all think? See More
I really struggle, personally, because when I find jams or playlists I really like, sometimes the music itself will distract me. For example, one time I started typing out the lyrics to Beyonce's "Irreplaceable" instead of, you know... the top content marketing tools I was writing about. Oops. See More
Marcella Jalbert
I go between Chilled Cow and Animal Crossing and Chill most of all. There's something super satisfying about lofi-ified video game music.