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We just signed a new contract for a deal worth $800,000 - $1,000,000 per year. The first interaction (and the 3rd, 4th, and 5th) were blog posts I wrote. TAYA in Action!

Interestingly, they called us and did not submit their email, so how do I know it was from a blog I wrote?

I set the date range in the Geo reports in Google Analytics under Search Console to Jan 1, 2013 – today and am ONLY TRACKING return visitors from Totowa, NJ 07512 (location of the client). There have only been three return customers during that time, 2 of which visited and revisited the site on 10/1/2019.

However, by tracking the landing pages of the most recent visitor and looking at this report, you can see that the first time that visitor from our client visited... See More
Marc Amigone
Awesome stuff, Nathan! HUGE win and also a huge win to be able to tie it back to your content!
Dear iMPACT Plus Team, I know this is a bit long and I apologize. I have decided to let you guys be the judge in how it turns out.

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Marc Amigone
Great first shot, Jimmy! Agree with the other feedback already provided about lighting, clothing choices and CTA. Whenever I create videos, I usually end up using my 2nd or 3rd attempt. I think of my first try as a dry run and then try to be more concise and direct in my next one.
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Marc Amigone
Wow - that gif is really making me feel like I'm a terrible person...

But seriously, Chris Carolan , I'm sorry for jerking you around so much. We've gone through a long and thorough exercise to reform our customer experience and its had some wide-ranging ripple effects, one being we changed the packages we offer and how much they cost.

We're extremely excited about our new packages. We feel like they've improved on what we were doing before and are designed to either set people up for success in working with us and help them drive amazing results, and for companies who don't think they can make one of those packages work, we simply say we're not a good fit.

We're just about to update our website with all of this new info, but because we generate so much blog content, it's a big job to go back and historically optimize everything when we make changes like this.

Not making excuses - at the end of the day, we have to take ownership of setting expectations appropriately for our clients and prospects. As always, Chris, your feedback is hugely valuable. We really appreciate you keeping us honest.