Manjunath Muniappa

Social Media and Network Marketer

Joined April 2021


Social Media Marketing Strategist, Paid Social Media Ads Specialist, Profile optimization of social media accounts, Email marketing, and Funnel building. On an Entrepreneurial journey, helping professionals make extra income in their spare time and quit their jobs in the long run. A former obese individual now losing weight the healthy way and helping others lose weight too.

• Helping business owners set up their social media profiles and optimize them.
• Create social media marketing strategies for them by creating funnels to scale up their business and grow with increased profits and online influence.
• Created many campaigns for my clients and helped them get students for online classes, promote their websites, and get leads, and generated traffics for them.

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Hello Impact Plus Warriors,

This is Manjunath from Bengaluru, India. Very happy and fortunate to be part of this awesome community of like-minded individuals who are masters in their own rights.

I'm a freelancing social media marketer and as part of my research to help a client of mine, I landed up in this community.

I believe I am welcome to this community and I can contribute to its success in any way possible from my side.

I shall be asking queries related to my domain, and I hope there are like-minded, open-hearted individuals ready to help me out.

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