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I always use just the basic markers for myself but I didn't know you could drag them open to see the notes on the timeline! Cool little trick for sure. See More
Lindsey Schmidt
I almost never use markers when I get the opportunity to edit, but maybe that's just me?! 
Video & SEO can be confusing. I found this breakdown really helpful for simplifying best practices.

Some of my takeaways were:

Make sure videos have dedicated pages User actions should be simple, not complicated to make it easier for Google to find your videos Simple, but necessary, make sure your videos have "public" access

And, if you're using Vidyard, make sure to connect it to Google Analytics to learn more about viewing habits on your website.

Have a video SEO tip? Share it in the comments below! See More
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This could be a huge SEO consideration moving forward for YouTube and video creation.

Are you utilizing chapters in your videos? How can you optimize your strategy to implement this? Would love to check out your channel or examples you have seen that are using chapters well! See More
Brandon Hafeli and the Bill Ragan Roofing team are CRUSHING it with video content!

Brandon sent this recap video over to me showing the wins and trends they're seeing in the early stages of their video journey and I couldn't be more impressed.

Views are starting to build and the CTA rates really tell the story of how valuable this content is. That hockey stick growth is coming up quickly.

Way to go Bill Ragan Roofing team, keep up the amazing work! See More
Hey Everyone,

Does anyone have any thoughts on Vidyard vs Vimeo? We are just starting our video journey and would probably start on basic plans for either. We don't like the Vidyard ad in the free version either. Hoping we don't have to have it if we pay for Pro. We just need a clean way for our sales team to send out videos to prospects, know if they at least started watching a video, and have the ability to trigger a workflow in HubSpot from that event.

Thanks! See More
Lindsey Schmidt
Starting at the Teams package you can get the custom branding for Vidyard. I'd agree with Connor. There are other options, check out this comparison article on a similar platform to Vidyard, Wistia:

Vidyard vs Wistia for video hosting. Which is better?
Hi all!

I am new to the videography world. I'm working on putting together a list of equipment we would need in the office so that we can shoot videos quickly and easily instead of trying to find a studio, hire a freelancer, etc.

We're a small business with about 10 employees total. Up to this point, we've been filming via zoom/webinar software and just repurposing that footage.

Please send me any links to specific things that would help! Type of camera, lighting, backdrops, lapel mics, etc!
We're starting from scratch basically.

Stephanie Irvin
Iowa raised word-nerd

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Lindsey Schmidt
Stephanie Irvin you're in good hands with a ton of the responses here, but if you'd like another resource, check out this article I wrote on the subject:
1.) How long should a bio video Be? And what info should it Include?
2.) How long should a intro video be? And what should it include?
3.) Still working on the the topic to discuss about for the third video?

P.S. I am just going to do these videos once and post on website. See More
Lindsey Schmidt
Jimmy Beasley I'm super excited that you're getting started with video. You definitely have the right attitude to shoot, and publish! One question from me, what's the difference between an intro video and a bio video? I'd recommend subbing out the Intro video for Landing Page video. For the third video, an 80% video would be my recommendation. Check out the article on those here:
Dear impact plus community,

I am left with a very difficult decision. With financial resources limited and resources in general highly limited. I don't know which one of these I should go with, based on the in-depth information and examples that Tom has provided. They're both great ideas and I love that.


But I am using the Basic Calendly Package and it would cost me $12/month for the pro. To add allow me to add more content

For option 2, Create an " in-between" landing page and hire a professional videographer to do it right in how it is in the sample. See More
Lindsey Schmidt
Creating the video yourself might be easier than you think :) Check out this recording from last year's Video Sales and Marketing World for how to set everything up. 
I am looking for an article, video, or examples of writing a "Best" type article. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks. See More
Lindsey Schmidt
Larry Kagan here's a good example from one of  Brian Casey 's clients:
This is Jimmy Beasley, the President and Founder of Jimmy's Computer Service. On behalf of Bob and Connor, it is truly an honor and privilege to be here with you guys and becoming a pro member. Truly want to thank Bob and Connor for all they have done and for getting me set up. I am looking forward to learning a lot as there may be, if it would be alright with the community if I could get some feedback on things that I already have. I would greatly appreciate it. And again it is great to be here. Looking forward to seeing what impact pro has to offer.

This is my business: See More
Lindsey Schmidt
Welcome, Jimmy! 
Carina Duffy , Jessica Palmeri , Jennifer Barrell and I were all discussing this issue that we've been seeing within the different industries we work with. So we have a question for you:

Are you experiencing this issue? What content have you created to address this? (And please share an example if you have one!) What has been the response from some of your prospects/customers?
Let us know in the comments! See More
This has been discussed in prior threads, however, it's so interesting that YouTube continues to grow. The biggest contributors to this growth seem to be the increased viewership on TV platforms, which is a recently add behavior that can be tracked on YouTube's channel dashboard.

Lindsey Schmidt , Jason Linde , and Ali Parmelee what are your thoughts with the increased growth in paid performance on YouTube? Fad or future? See More
Lindsey Schmidt
Future! The reason being the point this article makes about younger audiences watching on the connected TV. 

Lately I've been working on revamping some previously produced 80% videos and making them more personable to be sent by individual sales reps from my team. My biggest hurdle at the moment is the teaser and call to actions at the end.
I'm curious if anyone else in this group has some examples or guidance when it comes to making them feel genuine and personable. I look forward to seeing what everyone has come up with. See More
Lindsey Schmidt
Sami Ahmad  I'd love to hear your take on this! 
Hi all!

I'm Elle, a new member of the IMPACT+ community and the new digital marketing and content manager for Enrollment Builders. I made a short video introducing myself and sharing some tips that helped me during my recent onboarding experience. My supervisor is a member of the IMPACT+ community and this community shaped some of my onboarding experience. I can't thank everyone enough for helping to make my onboarding at Enrollment Builders great!

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Lindsey Schmidt
Elle Spears  thank you so much for sharing this! Question on your animations, did you make those yourself?? 

Can anyone point me in the direction of some bio video examples. I want to show some examples for our sales team before they consider what they're going to say in theirs.

Thanks for your help!
Katherine See More
Lindsey Schmidt
Andrew Brantley   &  Brandon Hafeli  you guys have some cool team bio videos, can you share some here? 
Hey guys! I am getting a new A7siii and i was thinking instead of getting a new battery that cost $80 i would get a power bank and use the USBC connector and power the battery and camera, if anything i am wondering if doing that will harm or damage the camera and battery. What are your guys thoughts, and if you use any power bank and what kind? See More
Lindsey Schmidt
Alex Winter do you have any experience with this? 
Hi all,

Excited to be a part of this community.

Today was my first day at Berry Insurance as their Videographer(and my first day as part of this community!). Currently I am just learning more about the company's philosophy and how to best tailor video content to our overarching goals. They practice They Ask You Answer as their guiding principle. I am currently reading They Ask You Answer and will soon start The Visual Sale.

My question for you video production folks is how did you best align yourself with their overall goal? What were questions you asked subject matter experts to develop a relationship with them? What are some ways you simplified the complex world of production into actionable, practical steps?

I have some one-on-one's set... See More
Lindsey Schmidt
Sami Ahmad here are my thoughts:
Check out this video:

Also, I'd love to hear with  Devon McCarty  has to say, he's been in your shoes as a videographer! 
I have the following 3 videos shot for a client but not yet uploaded onto their website:

Claims we make 80% Landing Page
Landing page is the easy one but wondering for the others the best places for those to live on the website.

Devon McCarty , Kyle Wertz , Jamie Sims - You all might be good people to ask in particular! See More
Lindsey Schmidt
Connor DeLaney   Claims we Make could go in a number of places; it could be on the homepage, under the hero section, it could be in the About Us section. 

80% could live in the learning center, or if it's considered to be top of the funnel in the sales process, it could live in the hero section of the homepage 
YouTube is constantly changing as a platform. From small algorithm changes to large user experience changes, it seemingly never stops. Over the years of working on YouTube projects or consuming YouTube media, what update is your favorite? See More
Good afternoon videographers,

I've been a bit of a ghost on this platform, but I'm hoping one of you or some of you would grant me your wisdom with a dilemma I am having.

I've been dealing with a heavy surge of losing subject matter experts before I even get them on camera. Most have stated they feel overwhelmed from simply reviewing the outlines I've sent them and bow out just before our scheduled time to film. It has been about three weeks of really digging in and trying to find people to be on camera and I am becoming exhausted.

Part of myself is wondering if I'M doing something wrong.

Has anyone else fallen victim to this problem? How were you able to get out of this hole? How did you build a steady base of subject matter experts who... See More
Lindsey Schmidt
Devon McCarty   do you have any incite on this to share?