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Videographers, you know the sale team is supposed to use your content in their assignment-selling messages; but if I asked you what is your role in assignment selling? What would you say?

The way I see it here's how a videographer's role in assignment selling breaks down: Content Creator: you're producing videos each week that sales can use in their process. Eyes and ears of the customer: you're not the expert, your sales team is. It's your job in your revenue team meetings and when you're talking to your sales team to ask them questions to make your content really align with what the buyer needs. Teacher: video is your area of expertise, not theirs. You need to show them how to make their videos better, consistently give them feedback... See More
As a manager, one of the areas I spend a lot of time focusing on with my direct reports is optimizing their day and giving them the space to do their best work.

One resource that I have been diving into to educate myself on this more is a book called Peak Performance by Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness.

Chapter 7 explores the idea of discovering the best time of day for your own optimal performance. Scientists refer to those who work best in the mornings as "larks" and those who work best in the evenings as "owls."

This alone was not eye-opening to me, I know I am hands down a lark and take advantage of that regularly. I get up before my household and before my peers are online to knock out important items with no distractions or... See More
Lindsey Auten
1000% a Lark! 
You may not be in an industry that's naturally visually interesting. But you still have to make interesting videos. How do you do it? Here are questions any videographer in any industry should consider:

How am I optimizing sound in my video to draw the viewer in? How do my graphics assist the storytelling and educating? Could my graphics be more visually interesting? Could I add movement to them? Am I utilizing broll effectively? How could I get creative with my broll? CJ Boisvert Austin Lott Sami Ahmad in my mind, you're all pros at this! Is there any advice you have for others? See More
I want to take moment and shout out Brian Paulson :

Yesterday, in video training with his videographer, Jordan Sanders said that Brian challenged his team to make "gutsy content" or content that the others in their industry would be afraid to make. So what did that boil down to?

Talking about Cost Talking about Problems in our industry Making Comparisons Best of Reviews Sounds like the Big 5 to me :)

What gutsy content is on your calendar to create this quarter? See More
You're at the end of editing a project, you're about to export the video you've been working on for hours and the next step is to submit the video for approval to be published.

As a video trainer, the two most important questions I ask myself when I'm reviewing a video that's submitted to me are: Is this helpful and unbiased? Does itFULLYanswer the question being asked? If the answer is yes to both of those questions, the video (unless there are some outstanding production issues like bad sound) is ready to be published.

Will there be things you would do differently if you had the chance to go back in time and start the project over? Absolutely. Write down what those improvements or updates are and implement them on the next project.

For... See More
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I was watching a customer journey video submitted by one of the videographers I'm working with and while the story of the video was great, I was missing the emotions that went along with that journey. I wanted to understand how this person felt along the journey and how they felt when they encountered the solution to their challenge, aka, the service being provided. So, how do you capture the emotion of the journey? Here are my go-to questions I ask when I'm looking to draw emotion out of an interviewee:

How did x make you feel? You mentioned x moment, what was going through your mind as that was happening? Talk me through your reaction when you realized...?
Using these 3 questions can take your story from good to great; it will bring... See More
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Hi again gang.

Here are some more video from the last few months, have taken previous advice onboard and try to bring into new videos, have also been adding an element of animation, which I feel works well in the videos.

All feedback welcome.

Thanks and
Warmest regards
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Lindsey Auten
Hey Justin! I can see you're trying a few things based on the two videos I watched (the first two on the channel). First, I can see you experimenting with different interview shots. The one you should stick with, for all the framing of your interviews, is at the :16 mark in the Exhibition Vehicle hire full vehicle guide. The reason is we clearly get a sense that Gary is who we're focusing on. If the shot is too wide, we lose focus and get distracted. I understand you also want to showcase the vehicles. Do that with broll. Adding music to the videos as well will help with pacing, right now without music, I can feel the length of the video. The information you're presenting is really good. From a YouTube perspective, I noticed you don't have any tags on your video. Watch this webinar, it will guide you on developing a strategy for your tags:

We are going to start collecting video testimonials from customers. We have many great customers we can approach, which is excellent.

Curious - is there an interview template with questions available through Impact Plus?

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Lindsey Auten
Chris Wastney check out this playlist that  Rolando Vega has of his customer stories! He does a great job of capturing what the company was like before they started working with his team, what they did to implement the work they did with his team, and the state of the company after implementing what they started with his team:
We are employing a new videographer. Our last one was awesome and had all his own equipment. The new guy doesn't really have much because he is newly qualified. So we are looking to buy in the right kind of kit to get some awesome TAYA videos made See More
Lindsey Auten
Darran Smith Check out this page for ideas, it has a variety of kits for various budgets: I also wrote this article that outlines the must-haves when it comes to video equipment:
We used to have a subscription to Vidyard but no longer have one. We are looking for a 1:1 video tool that we can use to create video easily on a desktop and include in an email. Will the free version in Vidyard allow us to do this? Is there another tool that others use to create 1:1 videos easily that does not require a $3000 per year subscription? See More
Lindsey Auten
Larry Kagan the Vidyard Free version is a great option. There are some other tools as well, including Soapbox from Wistia and Loom. As mentioned in the thread below, Loom does not integrate with HubSpot, so if you'd like to have that integration, that product may not be the best fit for you. 
Hi! Just starting out with video doing case studies of financial advisors who use our start-up planning software in their offices and wondering what the minimum you all think I need is in terms of equipment. I like the idea of two cameras for different views, but also want to be cost conscious as we are just experimenting so far.

I've only ever used point-and-shoot digital cameras and phones in my personal video experience, but of course want this to be high enough quality to not look too amateur.

Also I'm not sure where to start with sound equipment, but I know it's important. See More
Lindsey Auten
Hey  Erin Faherty ! I'd recommend checking out this kit:
AQUILA is looking to hire a new video producer to join our TAYA-focused marketing team.

The right candidate for this position will be a skilled video producer and editor with the ability to find and create stories across a variety of topics. You’re comfortable with different types of video - from property and neighborhood spotlights, to tenant and influencer interviews, to educational content for the AQUILA Learning Center. You will be responsible for producing video content that aligns with the brand, mission and goals of our company, our clients and our properties.

You can learn more about the position and apply here: See More
Lindsey Auten
Lex Russell  Thanks for sharing this! It might be helpful to post in the videographer's group as well to see if anyone has a connection to someone who could be a good fit :) 
I always use just the basic markers for myself but I didn't know you could drag them open to see the notes on the timeline! Cool little trick for sure. See More
Lindsey Auten
I almost never use markers when I get the opportunity to edit, but maybe that's just me?! 
Video & SEO can be confusing. I found this breakdown really helpful for simplifying best practices.

Some of my takeaways were:

Make sure videos have dedicated pages User actions should be simple, not complicated to make it easier for Google to find your videos Simple, but necessary, make sure your videos have "public" access

And, if you're using Vidyard, make sure to connect it to Google Analytics to learn more about viewing habits on your website.

Have a video SEO tip? Share it in the comments below! See More
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This could be a huge SEO consideration moving forward for YouTube and video creation.

Are you utilizing chapters in your videos? How can you optimize your strategy to implement this? Would love to check out your channel or examples you have seen that are using chapters well! See More
Brandon Hafeli and the Bill Ragan Roofing team are CRUSHING it with video content!

Brandon sent this recap video over to me showing the wins and trends they're seeing in the early stages of their video journey and I couldn't be more impressed.

Views are starting to build and the CTA rates really tell the story of how valuable this content is. That hockey stick growth is coming up quickly.

Way to go Bill Ragan Roofing team, keep up the amazing work! See More
Hey Everyone,

Does anyone have any thoughts on Vidyard vs Vimeo? We are just starting our video journey and would probably start on basic plans for either. We don't like the Vidyard ad in the free version either. Hoping we don't have to have it if we pay for Pro. We just need a clean way for our sales team to send out videos to prospects, know if they at least started watching a video, and have the ability to trigger a workflow in HubSpot from that event.

Thanks! See More
Lindsey Auten
Starting at the Teams package you can get the custom branding for Vidyard. I'd agree with Connor. There are other options, check out this comparison article on a similar platform to Vidyard, Wistia:

Vidyard vs Wistia for video hosting. Which is better?
Hi all!

I am new to the videography world. I'm working on putting together a list of equipment we would need in the office so that we can shoot videos quickly and easily instead of trying to find a studio, hire a freelancer, etc.

We're a small business with about 10 employees total. Up to this point, we've been filming via zoom/webinar software and just repurposing that footage.

Please send me any links to specific things that would help! Type of camera, lighting, backdrops, lapel mics, etc!
We're starting from scratch basically.

Stephanie Irvin
Iowa raised word-nerd

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Lindsey Auten
Stephanie Irvin you're in good hands with a ton of the responses here, but if you'd like another resource, check out this article I wrote on the subject:
1.) How long should a bio video Be? And what info should it Include?
2.) How long should a intro video be? And what should it include?
3.) Still working on the the topic to discuss about for the third video?

P.S. I am just going to do these videos once and post on website. See More
Lindsey Auten
Jimmy Beasley I'm super excited that you're getting started with video. You definitely have the right attitude to shoot, and publish! One question from me, what's the difference between an intro video and a bio video? I'd recommend subbing out the Intro video for Landing Page video. For the third video, an 80% video would be my recommendation. Check out the article on those here:
Dear impact plus community,

I am left with a very difficult decision. With financial resources limited and resources in general highly limited. I don't know which one of these I should go with, based on the in-depth information and examples that Tom has provided. They're both great ideas and I love that.


But I am using the Basic Calendly Package and it would cost me $12/month for the pro. To add allow me to add more content

For option 2, Create an " in-between" landing page and hire a professional videographer to do it right in how it is in the sample. See More
Lindsey Auten
Creating the video yourself might be easier than you think :) Check out this recording from last year's Video Sales and Marketing World for how to set everything up.