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I was torn over whether to post this in the Content community but figured I'd try here since I'm looking for a tip and resource :-)

Way back in the day when I worked at an agency, I just came up with the ideas and our inhouse developer figured out how to implement them :-)

Out on my own, I need to provide more details.

I've wanted to add a glossary to my WP site for a long time but haven't found a plugin that's easy to use for me and for the user.

I could just create a page and add the terms in a giant list, then try to add links from a post or page directly to that definition on the Glossary page. But I was wondering if any of you have found a more elegant solution.


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Lester Urquhart
A glossary is a very interesting idea  Winnie Anderson ! Have you considered an accordion element to display this type of content? It would be similar to what a lot of sites do for FAQ. Check out what we have here on our site, which is in addition to our Learning centre. FAQ - Farm Shed Project Questions & Answers - Action Steel