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I'm curious, where do you all get your creative juices flowing when working from home?

For me, I have to move around.

Sometimes I lock myself in my office, get my desk organized, and then it's off to the races. Other times, I do what I'm doing right now and take my laptop outside and let the fresh air bring my brain back to life.

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That means 80% of your audience wants to stay in the virtual world. For all the sales pros out there, can you afford NOT to be a virtual selling master these days?
Right now, at the Virtual Selling Summit, Marcus Sheridan is diving into the state of virtual selling, where we are, where we're going, and what you need to know.
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The Virtual Selling Summit is happening TOMORROW!

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Writing copy that not only engages and relates to the audience but also gets them to take action seems like a challenge a lot of us face, myself included!

So what are the tips, tricks, and best practices I've heard from experts?

Build a narrative that your audience will say "Yeah, that's me!" Speaking of audience, know who your audience is Keep your copy concise and clear (no jargon please) Make the action clear so it feels like a no-brainer
What else needs to be said that I didn't mention?

Also, I'm thinking Liz Moorehead 's session -How to write absurdly addictive website copy your ideal buyers will love - may be a good pitstop if you relate to this! See More
Kristen Harold
Connor DeLaney Great question!

We've been following the Building a StoryBrand method recently and it's really helped in getting our messaging and copy on point. The biggest takeaways are:

1. Your customer should be the hero in your copy, NOT your brand. 

2. Take out the noise. Don't get too focused on filling in a bunch of fluff. Short and sweet is easiest for people to digest and understand. 

I've worked with far too many companies that feel like they have to tell the customer every single detail of what they do, all in one page, which in the end is always more confusing!

3. Make your calls to action very clear. Let the customer know exactly what they are getting into by taking the next step.